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My life in MY GALLERY

My life in MY GALLERY

It’s not just a phone gallery,
Everyone will come here Ballari.
Scrolling it from up to down,
Some lost in it, while some found.

It possesses the power to make people lost in the past,
It teaches them, everything will flow nothing stay last.
Some pics capture are eyes, some we want to hide,
Gallery has peace, but own pain side by side.

It brings memories back,
Seize the moment, lifehack.
Like we all have not the same life experiences.
Our phone gallery also has many variances.

It differs from one to another,
Some caught girlfriends some caught mothers.
Some capture rivers while some capture mountains,
In the moment of sadness, it becomes our joy fountain.

Some capture good pics while some capture bad,
When we see our collection, we think we are a dad.
We see anything different we take out our phone,
These days, the phone is as vital as a bone.

But something changes now,
I don’t know why and how?
We lost the interest in living the moment,
We just click the pic and making it a component.

We forget to cherish the current,
We indulge in our phones, isn’t it?
Gallery teaches us many lessons,
Just differ from person to person.

It makes us cry, it makes us sorrow,
It tells us we lost the time, that we can’t borrow.
Some are full of love life,
Some have their girlfriends some have wives.

Some have motivation quotes,
It’s just suffering that votes.
Some have love trees, while some have sorrowful lakes;
Trees are maintained by love, while lakes are the result of heartbreaks.

It stores our love life to heartbreaks,
It has a life story that we make.

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About The Author

Tanuj Sharma

A young mind with pen and thoughts. Avid reader and writer. Poetry and literature. I write to feel emotion. I am a light struggling to never become dim.

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