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The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar

Some of you might not know about the Mayan Calendar. Know more at

Today we’re in 2020 and have seen a lot of stuff lately, be it the pandemic, the intrusions, or the protests in various parts of the world for various reasons. Let’s go back in time and try to recall a thing. So now we’re in 2012 and we hear the news that the world will end this year. I was in 9th grade in 2012 and all I could think was that if the world was ending I won’t have to study for exams. The end never came, but my exams did. Luckily with a little effort, I managed to score a good CGPA.

However, later Mayan Calendar said that the date was misread and the eventual doomsday will be on Sunday, June 21. The date coincides with an annular solar eclipse which will also take place tomorrow. 

Considering the year 2020, there is such a great amount in the setting with bizarre exercises occurring like an uncommon pandemic, customary seismic tremors, tornados hitting various nations including India. However, what do researchers say about the Judgment day forecast?

According to, scientists believe it will be a long time before the end of the world is due to end. It said barring any unexpected apocalypse, such as nuclear annihilation or meteor strike, the earth will die with the sun. “Our resident star can only last so long, as it burns finite hydrogen into helium via nuclear fission. When the helium ultimately runs down, the sun will become a “red giant”, swelling far beyond its original shape as hydrogen around the core ignites,” it quoted scientists as saying. 

In the most expanded express, the red sun could swallow its prompt orbiters and would wander into the world’s way. Should the planet neglect to habituate another circle, the sun will retain it and any other individual on the planet, they said. The report finished up as saying: “Thankfully scientists believe the sun will continue to burn in its current form for at least five billion more years, so humans have some time to destroy each other before then.”

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