I know you are afraid to enter your twenties, it makes you feel more worried about life and its responsibilities!
Parents are growing old,
Relations are breaking,
Marriage is also going to happen!
Dreamlife is waiting to live!
Goals and career are also to be managed!
But if God has planned a flower with so many details then he has definitely thought about our twenties too!

So trust his process,
have faith in yourself,
believe in your abilities!
And thing’s will always go right💫

Few things you need to remember are:
1. don’t rush for things to happen they will happen when it’s time for them.
2. you still have to go a long journey so stop worrying
3. start planning
4. don’t pressurise yourself
5.start saving, it will help you in future
6.build your Personality
7. learn to focus
8. trust yourself, always have believe and faith in your instincts!
9. start saying no!
10.but in all this hustle, don’t forget to enjoy your the life you have got! travel around !!

and most importantly keep smiling and enjoy! 

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