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We are the followers!

We are the followers!

He asked, we did it.
Told us to bang the utensils, we broke the tin roofs.
He asked for a glass of water, we gave him a bucket,
What are we?
How could we be defined?
We’re blind followers.
We gave him the bucket, but did we ever wonder why he wanted the water?
How would the bucket suffice if all he was, was thirsty?
22nd of March, 2020 , we were supposed to stay in, to stop the plague.
We did.
5 p.m., 22nd of March, 2020, we were supposed to thank the front line workers.
Maybe he used the wrong words? Or did he?
We clapped. We banged. Some of us even blasted, but did we thank?
Maybe we did.
After all he had asked us too.
24th March, 2020, he asked us to stay in. Again, you know, to stop the plague, and dare we disobey him.
We stayed in. For hours, days, a week or two?
Since we don’t use our own brains and tend to follow blindly ( History is witness), we stayed in.
Well, he ain’t the only one we follow. We got out deities too. Our God, Allah, Bhagwan and religion mongers.
When he didn’t say anything, we needed someone to follow after all.
So we went out, to places where we find our leaders, and then we disobeyed him too.
Plague went on and on and on.
Some of us got scared, and withdrew ourselves into our shells.
Some of us got even more scared, because we don’t know anything. We’re illiterate and uneducated innocent folks. What if we die?
Where will we go? Who’ll lead us in the “afterlife”?
So we do what we know best. We spread it. The fear. The insecurities. The plague.
Some others, who look like us but don’t behave like us because they aren’t scared, try to stop us, by their words; sweet and bitter,
and we don’t like it. We get aggressive and we spit our fear out. On roads, toilets, currencies and of course people. They find it offensive, so they take their laathis and syringes out and they come after us.
What do we do? We’re many. They’re few.
We fight them, hit them, bite them, tear off their whites and khakis. Boo-yah! We win.

3rd April,2020, He was seen again.
He asked us to do something again. This time lighting the diyas and torches.
We have no freaking idea what for, but he has asked and we’ll do it without any doubt. Without any thinking. He didn’t say anything about what we did to those people with khakis and white coats. It gets us thinking that what we did was right. What we did needs to be done more. After all he can never be wrong. We’re ready, with our own laathis, this time maybe pistols too, to save ourselves from them.

He asked for a glass of water and we gave him the bucket.
I hope he takes a good bath.
Maybe it’ll quench his thirst.
We don’t know anything. We just do it.
We’re “the followers“.





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About The Author

Saumya Sharma

Hi, I am a 22 year old med student pursuing my MBBS from Himachal. Writing is something that I have always loved and to be honest I am a jack of many trades. I like writing and reading fiction more than anything. Other than that non fiction, documentaries, movies, music are the things that I am into. I believe that if I can feel it, I'll be able to write it.

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