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“अच्छी हूं या बुरी हूं अपने लिए हूं….
मैं खुद को नहीं देखती ओरों की नज़र से।”

This is from these years of my life when I realized that I am changed my thinking is altered, my thoughts are more adapted now. My mindset is totally different from the person I used to be earlier. And I am fully convinced that I am changed for the better. I learned that almost everything around is temporary, Feelings! People! Emotions! Time! Everything!
I discovered that I am no more into mendacity and unnecessary boasting. This materialism and bragging are so overrated these days.
I crave much more for authenticity and low living. I realized that love and affection have nothing to do with getting something in return, it’s all about ‘Giving’ without any selfish motive, with your righteous heart.
I don’t understand why we expect so much from the people around us!
Why we fall in a hope that someone will catch us? Why do we keep crying until someone wipes out our tears? Why do we work in order to get others’ appreciation? Why we wait for someone else to love us? Why do we think someone else will know us rightly and will understand our worth?
We abandon and abuse ourselves every time! We say yes when we want to say no. We just hope someone will see how amazing we are and will choose us! My friend, it doesn’t work this way, we have to choose ourselves! That’s how we teach them, “By choosing YOU for yourself.”

Why we aren’t really satisfied until we post our efforts online to everyone! Why we are convinced that fewer likes or comments on our picture mean we are not beautiful! Why we consider ourselves awful for not having fancy clothes, expensive gadgets, or a luxurious lifestyle! Why we get so much affected by people who don’t even know us in real life! Why we manage to curse our life just because it is not according to some fraud people’s point of view! Why we are so much into this unrealistic and short-lived happiness! Why we let fictitious people drive our life according to them!
At a very certain age, people do things knowingly these are no misunderstandings or their mistakes but had have became part of their personality trait which we shouldn’t appreciate. Instead, we should learn to love the sound of their feet walking away from us cause’ people only grind their own ax for their own benefits.
I know there are differences in society that make us upset but we must not give more importance to others but to “you”!
You need to remember the person you are and have become and how much you can offer to this world, then you will understand that you deserve someone who will offer all of that and so much more to you.
You yourself are capable of everything, capable of standing on your own after falling, capable of wiping out your own tears, capable of working for your own happiness and loving yourself first. You keep forgetting that your heart needs to be cherished not to be throttled all over and your eyes deserve to shine not to cry! You can’t ignore how far you have come! How can anyone else love you unless you don’t! Just be you others will adjust accordingly. Remember you were born to be real to be ‘you’ not to be perfect or unrealistic. Now you know that you are enough for yourself! Now you know your SELF-WORTH.
Self-love is selfless!
“खुद रूठो खुद को मनाना सीखो!
खुद बहाओ आंसू और खुद को हंसाना सीखो!
तन्हाइयों की फरियाद करके क्यों कटनी ज़िन्दगी,
आइने में झांको और जो दिखे उस से इश्क लड़ाना सीखो!”

About The Author

Muskaan Kanwar

19 || Vibing and thriving || Old school folk || Bonafide dreamer || No worries, Just see the world through my eyes || ~ Also I write sometimes!

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