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Purpose over passion

Purpose over passion

My embellishments, vague franticness, and blusters decorate my pride, while I desist myself to realism and purpose. Not even the passion, but the infatuation towards loving the idea of passion and trying to live it every time. Rather doing it with purpose, so that you are rationally appeasing your mind and soul that the action is the consequence of the purpose and not the passion and it shall make you less important for yourself and more for the others.

Passion, Glory, Grit, Pride are not the decorated words, but rather the smoldered product of the purpose and the de-emphasis of thyself or ‘I’.

‘I’ is a dangerous word which creates the burning and blowing passion, and further creates a sense of self-importance and self-obsession; while all it remains to be is an impatient act of blending in with the fast-moving glorified world. Passion will never hurry the journey along. The only thing which can create a revolution and will prove your existence, or rather, to be very optimistic, create a world so that you can transcend the cultural values is —– ‘purpose’.

Without purpose, lies no eternal passion. It will always be degraded and would rather get digressed upon loving the very idea of another man’s passion and ignoring your own purpose which shall make you survive with peace and earn gratitude to feel the gratefulness and to prevail humility. Humility will breed to more work and consequentially, making us the students of life till an eternal value of time so that we always be submissive to a greater force of work and to show gratitude for very own existence and create obscurity and unimportance towards one, so that we always strive for something knowing that there is no terminal, just the journey of perspectives, and fuck it people shall know us. Makes me a meaningful person in my own eyes, and as said, the world is what you see it.

Our whole journey from life to death is to oscillate from low self-esteem to very high self-esteem and rather, create an equilibrium between the transitioning bridge of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The need to oscillate in these phases eternally till you breathe, so that you keep that oscillation going and not let it stick to the extremities and not even sitting mum in the middle, but rather follow a constant oscillation going to move, move and move by working.

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Prakhar Agnihotri

Open to everything, attached to nothing. Stranger to some, familiar to none.

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