Lying in the white duvet with you,
Your hands-on my waist as you look at me,
I touch that scar on your forehead
 And you begin to tell me how your father beat you while your mother bled

I hold you tighter hoping it’ll mend the pain.
You look at me and tell me how it’s funny that pain finds pain,
I found you,
You found me.

You tell me how we’re destined to be lying here,
Among the vanilla scented candles and whiskey bottles 
And how one day, if destiny plays,
We’ll be on our separate ways.

It that moment all I want to say is, stay.
Stay, because you make me happy.
Stay, because my soul claims to know your soul.
Stay, because I am hungover on every word you say. 
Stay, because I get tipsy with every kiss, the honey dripping, cigarette smelling, warm kiss.
Stay, because pain heals pain.

And it’s lying there in your arms‘
In safe hands’ playing in the background,  
I realised, I realised how humans and whiskey are the same.

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