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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

“Life is a collection of moments and memories.”

So, a friend contacted me saying would you like to work for GOGO magazine, for which I was first perplexed to join in, as I had no writing experience. But was also curious, to begin with, something new and writing articles on various topics and interviewing various people so I stepped in and wrote my first article for the magazine on Sudha Chandran- the dancing diva who with her amputated leg also didn’t stop striving for her dreams. 

That was the first article over a year ago and after that, there was no looking back. The concept in itself was so great, to begin with, a magazine and to give young people all across the country a chance to explore their writing skills and become creative with their articles. The communication amongst various people connected to the magazine is amazing as well, all information within time is delivered to us, proper time is given to delivering every article and all the required information is as well supplied with it. There are over 20 articles I have written for GOGO and interviewed and interacted with various people from within the state, the country as well as internationally and it was such an exquisite experience for which I’m always grateful.

One such experience was interacting with an artist from Italy named Giulia Carini whose art was mesmerizing to look at and more than that she was so admirable to talk to, super humble and polite in her words and actions, and for her, I literally wanted to write an article which was up to her expectations and the up to the type of work she put up. 

Another very generous fellow, Jeffrey Deskovic from the USA with whom life had been really tuff, what a gentleman. To go through hell and still have a heart of gold, who was convicted for false accusation for 13 years, still didn’t lose hope and came out clean after many years of struggle.

 There were articles written on different small businesses in Palestine and all of them were so unique in their business ideas and strategies that it was worth writing articles on each one of the businesses even though they go through a lot of hardships and struggles to continue their business and passions, with young women also actively participating.

Another article was written by me of the first motorcycle club of Central India by Anukaran, who wants to unite all those passionate about biking and love adventures and exploring new terrains. There was also an article from the California surf museum which serves as an international repository and resource centre for surfing. 

And then was a teacher who has worked so hard to motivate students to pursue science and has helped them bring a scientific temperament in them. Has helped so many students participate in so many competitions and even won many. His zeal and hard work for his work were so inspiring to look at.

These were some of the articles  I was very fascinated to write about with many others which I picked and were equally as interesting. What an incredible it has been with gogo magazine and a lot of my personal growth, as well as I, witnessed the magazine growing from about 2000 followers to now 8000 followers, so we as a team has really reached huge masses of people and I hope by the following by the year we continue to do so. As the articles are so diverse in nature and so informative and detailed that it is always a joy to read articles from other authors as well. And this year I’m looking forward to many such marvellous experiences and seeing GOGO grow further. 

“You will bloom if you’ll take time to water yourself.”

Long live GOGO!


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Life is short make every moment count . 🖤🥂🤍💋🖤♏🤍❄️🖤

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