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PRASHANT – A luxury traveller and an ambitious investor

PRASHANT – A luxury traveller and an ambitious investor

Prashant is a luxury traveller whose Instagram page @Prashant_roundtheworld has been the “Most viewed” Luxury Traveller in Continental Europe in the past one year. He was a passionate traveller ever since his childhood but he mainly started travelling with business travel and vacations. He travelled for work, for holidays, for weekend trips, for international conferences, for training. He took every opportunity for travelling. He is an ambitious investor who grabs market share from the competitors! He also has an Instagram page @theNumbersguru which is his private Chat group where a small group of like-minded people discuss stock strategies and this is where the best investment solutions come from.

Here is Prashant in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey started as a luxury traveller?

I am very passionate about travelling since I was a kid. My travel journey mainly started with business travel and vacations. I travelled for work, for holidays, for weekend trips, for international conferences, for training – I took every opportunity for travelling. I just wanted to be on a plane and see the world. While visiting those countries, I started blogging and vlogging my travels on Instagram: This is how “Prashant_roundtheworld” was born. The purpose was to show the most luxury hotels and first-class/premium suites in planes and help people to show how to do it as well. Gradually, my content starts picking up thanks to the love and support from my Insta family (I hate calling them as followers) 

Today, “Prashant_roundtheworld” is the most viewed and fastest-growing “ultra-Luxury Travel” page in Continental Europe.  We have collaborated with several leading luxury hotels and destinations. We are very conscious about the brands we work with. I want to show the most exclusive Presidential suites with spa, gym, jacuzzi, view and first-class suites on the plane. Something that people would say “Wow” 

2) Which would be your top 5 picks out of the countries you have visited till now?

Well, it’s a tough question as I like so many countries for different things! Switzerland, Italy, Greece, India, and Croatia!  I can add a lot more! 

3) What is Number Guru all about and how did you start it?

@theNumbersguru is my private Chat group where a small group of like-minded people discuss stock strategies!  The idea was born during covid – I helped a few families and friends (on their request) and they benefited so much that they started saying why don’t you help more people. Good karma! That’s how I found the purpose of my life.  My purpose to make more and more people financially independent and help them stand on their feet. It’s expanding and have several investors keen to invest. You can follow @thenumbersguru to stay updated on this pilot initiative. 

4) How do you manage your expenses while travelling?

@prashant_roundtheworld not only inspires you by showing amazing destinations, hotels, and first-class suites but also offers a very specific strategy to keep the travel costs as low as possible or even zero (needs time and expertise but is possible)!  That’s true! It sounds unbelievable, right? We help to connect hotels with their target customers in an efficient way. And we help luxury travellers to have elevated travel and stay.

My last trip to Dubai for 10 days which included a first-class flight and stay in luxury hotels was done using my strategies. In fact, one of my clients just flew Emirates first class and had an upgrade to a corner suite with discounts on food, spa treatments. He saved thousands of dollars on this trip alone! He has been booked on Etihad first in summer to London and can’t wait to visit Europe in summer.

I started with points and miles to book hotels and airlines – however that requires you to have a very good credit card spend. Now due to my network with luxury hotels & airlines, experience, I can help more and more people travel luxury for almost nothing- it takes time though.

5) What I have learnt after traveling for years?

Be Kind and humble. Plan your travels well in advance and be flexible to accommodate changes. Our page has done charity giveaways to help underprivileged kids in 2019, helped a liver transplant patient in 2020 and we are helping Red Cross this year. We strongly believe in giving back to society and sustainability. In fact, I was invited to the world economic forum 2020 for the same topic.

6) How was life in quarantine?

It was a very humbling and enriching experience- it made me value human life even more. The power of touch – a small hug or handshake meant so much more than before. And that you couldn’t meet your friends or families wasn’t easy at all!  I travelled to some countries before March. Between March and May, I was at home and was such a great opportunity to spend time with my family. However, from June I started travelling again taking care of all the local Govt regulations- I went to Sweden, Germany, Dubai and many countries and stay at luxury hotels! Have been constantly travelling in 2021 too!  Stay tuned!


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