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Abhay Sharma is a young filmmaker from Chandigarh. An aspiring filmmaker who is currently pursuing engineering from Chitkara University. He has directed over 5 videos and also assisted in some Punjabi songs.

Here is Abhay Sharma in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When and how did your journey as a filmmaker began?

From my high school times, I had a keen interest in music videos and songs, whenever my headphones were on, my mind automatically created different stories for that song. Gradually I started watching behind the scenes of music videos on YouTube and also started video editing. I made short videos and edited those.

2) Which was your first direction?

through my friend, I contacted AYUSHYA DHIR(f8l) in 2017, at that time he used to do mic videos only, but we planned to do a music video on his already released song named “REALLY YEAH”. That video was actually shot on his dad’s DSLR by me with a little help and also edited by me, currently that video has over 36k views and 950 comments, also we had introduced a new color change effect which was really loved

3) What has been your most memorable work?

Actually my most of the shoots are memorable and full of chaos but in a good way like talking about my latest shoot of a java bike, we made a record of getting challaned two times in 10 minutes 😂, talking about the song FRIDAY, our call time was 6 am and everything was arranged but at 5 am f8l called that it can’t be done because the song wasn’t ready also wasn’t appealing to him, but don’t what happened and he called at 12pm afternoon and said that let’s take a chance we’ll see what happen and thus in no time we rearranged everything and the song was shot in 4-5 hours only, which actually came out good and currently it has around 1800 likes and 700+ comments.
Also, I had shot a short film in which the main lead actor refused in the night one day before, hence a new actor was arranged in no time which was itself a very unnerving situation as every was planned the next day and we had no actor.

4) How do you manage investment for your filmmaking?

It’s a very important part of a shoot, cameras have to be arranged, the cinematographer has to come, the editor is involved and in big shoots, the expenditure is endless, Though in my case I’m blessed that my super supportive and talented team(Sankul, Vaibhav, Amanpreet Singh) were very understanding in this matter hence my budget didn’t go super high also I haven’t stepped in full budget music videos until now, still money is required hence my parents support me in that case and talking about music videos then the artist takes the initiative

5) Who has been your inspiration?

My Father is my biggest inspiration, but other than that Amrit Maan and Parmish Verma were my inspiration back in the days, these were the people who inspired me to explore this field and currently along with the people who inspire me are Ayushya Dhir, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tarantino and a few American actors

6) Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself Directing a feature film or a web series or funny sitcom.

7) Tell us about your latest work.

My latest work is a motorcycle video, actually, I’m a very big auto enthusiast, hence had a thought from a long time to cinematographically film a bike/car. So in Jan, I had an opportunity to shoot a Punjabi music video of FARZAAN GILL, in which a bike had to be used as a prop. Hence as it is said ek teer sey do nishane, I shot the music video sync and alongside in 1-2 hours shot the bike shots also. That music video would be released after some time as whole music of the song is being reconstructed also there would be story shoot for the song in coming days

8) As a student, how difficult is it to find your way in filmmaking struggles ?

It’s very very difficult, to execute a shoot in a good manner, you need a lot of planning, hence back to back shoots aren’t possible alongside engineering. Hence after shooting the song Friday, I was intensionally on a long break to learn basics of filmmaking and cinematography and then shoot in my holidays, though I keep attending big music video shoots as an intern/assistant director for the skill.

9) How was life in quarantine?

It was actually good, explored American cinema and that actually helped me a lot to make meaningful concepts and stories, also I cleared a lot of basics of filmmaking.

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