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Embrace the goodness of nature with Suroso Organic

Discover the healing power of nature with Suroso. Pamper yourself with the kitchen secrets of skin and hair care based on ancient practices of Ayurveda delivered right at your doorstep.  A blend of purity with traditions, all our products are lovingly hand-made in our home kitchen. We believe in trusting our knowledge in roots of Ayurveda by hand-crafting skin care and hair care range that is equally pure and effective. Co-founded by a mother-daughter duo, each of the product at Suroso is tried and tested for years for its excellence. With a wide range of natural homemade skin and hair care products, we aim to reduce our carbon foot print and bring a change in about how self-care is perceived today.

Meet the Founders

Sujata Sogani

A nature enthusiast, Sujata completed her masters in Luxury Brand Management from SP Jain, Mumbai. Always fond of applying home-made masks for her skin and hair, she truly believes in the magic of nature. She understood this market gap quickly and launched her range of natural self-care along with her mother. She aims to introduce a new wave of self-care, which is both guilt and cruelty-free.

Roshni Sogani

A compassionate human being, she believes in giving back to the society in whatever form possible. Traditionally a homemaker, Roshni applied homemade masks to herself since her childhood and now to her daughter which always worked wonders. She along with her daughter then co-founded Suroso, to make such hidden secrets of nature available to all at their doorstep. 

Refresh, Relax & Rejuvenate with all things ORGANIC

Suroso has given ‘Dadi-Nani ke Nuske’ a modern makeover. With thousands of things available on the internet about natural self-care, how do you ensure which one works the best?

Suroso combines the knowledge of Ayurveda with modern practices and easy application for today’s generation. Each of the products is hand-dried in the sun, hand-processed and hand-packaged to ensure purity and simplicity. Made with authentic and organic ingredients growing at our kitchen garden, we make sure that we emit minimal carbon footprint. You can make a difference too and take care of our planet by indulging in routines and rituals for self-care that are more nature-centric and effective.  

Here are the founders of Suroso Organic in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1. What was the reason behind creating this brand?

There is a story behind our brand where my mom always used to apply something on my skin and says if you apply this it will glow your skin, so my mom wants to spread her kitchen ingredients to everyone out there and here we are with SUROSO where the name in itself has us SU for Sujata RO for Roshni and SO for Sogani.

2. In a time where people are getting obsessed with organic products how easy was it to bring suroso?

We entered the market at the best time where people were more aware of their skin and health. So, we came into the market as a skin and hair care brand which is purely natural and homemade. It is easy for everyone to adapt to this.

3. How was the whole phase of you both mother-daughter starting a brand like this?

When I came back to India from my masters because of COVID. My mom and I conducted a workshop on organic skin and hair care and it was a boom. So, we both thought let’s start with something and decided to divide our work like my mom makes everything and I design and plan. So, we both work together and have so much fun while making products and photo-shootings and many more things.

4. Why according to you is it important to believe and use more organic products?

Because using more organic homemade products makes people believe in their skin and it’s very important to use products that are homemade because of chemical-free and taking proper care of their skin and hair.

5. Where do you suroso in another 4 years?

We see SUROSO in everyone’s mind. If you know forest essentials, you’ll know SUROSO also.

6. There are various brands starting up with organic natural products. Why would you think your brand is different from them all?

Our brand is different because we are totally chemical-free and home-based. Doing everything at home from growing herbs to drying to packaging.

7. How has quarantine time been for you both mother-daughter?

Quarantine was fun because we Introduced SUROSO in July where there was almost a lockdown and worked very hard to find vendors for jars and packaging. So, we together worked very hard and decided to introduce more things to people. More idea came to our mind and introduced more to people.

8. Has quarantine helped you bring customers or how difficult was the quarantine for you?

Yes, quarantine helped us bring customers because people want everything sitting at home, they didn’t wanna go to the market and buy. And something homemade what people want. And for us, rakhi season was a boom. We made “rakhi ka pitara” and gave like 60-70 boxes to people. Made their rakhi memorable.



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