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11:11 is a time believed by many to be an auspicious time or a time of wishing something that would surely be fulfilled. 11:11 can mean different things various numerologists believes that seeing the number itself means there is some good that is coming your way.

There has been numerous time we have all noticed the clock and have seen 11:11 and started wishing for something good. It is mostly referred as a wakeup call, it is a positive call that the universe is on your side and you can bring positive changes to your life. Numbers or luck can only help you to achieve your goals when you are readily investing your time and hard work on a particular thing.

If you are very frequently seeing a particular number 11:11 in your life it can have various reasons behind it, few believe it is opening a gateway for you. 11 11 is the most prolific number we all frequently come up with, it has a lot of events connected to it. There can be a positive side and negative side both to seeing this number but if you keep believing it to bring you positivity you will surely have it. These synchronized numbers are coming towards your notice to make you believe that the universe is trying to connect with you and deliver you a unique message at that specific time.

The time you see this number think about the thing you were thinking about just before seeing the time or the conversation you were having and give importance to it. This number has a huge connection to various big events in the history, the World Trade Center was built from 1966 to 1977 it took 11 years, the world war I ended on 11 March, after weeks of protests but following 11 days of more serious protests Hosni Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt, on Feb 11:11 after ruling for 30 years, Berlin Wall came down on 11:11. 89, there have been various such events connected to the number 11:11.

We all have no particular idea about this number, what we can gather from the numerologists and important events that took place with this number is there can be various reasons depending upon it being good or bad but the next time you spot this number do not forget to wish for something positive and good for yourself and the world. The universe might not be a visible element but has a power of showing us things through various unnoticed gestures and it is important to give importance to the surrounding of ours to understand this all.

Try praying for something that can bring good to you and the world together as your door to the universe is closer and the universe is actually trying to help you so you are at that particular time stronger so wish for something that would bring peace to every aspect of all of our lives.

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