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A three quarter-century of freedom

A three quarter-century of freedom

India is a country with diverse culture, with its variety in culture, food and way of living people of different races and religion exist. A country like India which has been under the rule of Britishers for years proudly celebrates a national holiday as it marks the end of British rule giving India its own identity as a country. It’s also the very the when the two countries India and Pakistan were separated in the midnight of 14-15 August, the reason behind Pakistan’s celebrating their independence day a day earlier than us.

Before the rule of British India was a country looked upon the kings and ruled by them, with all kinds of war there came a time when Mughal s started taking parts of India during the time of 1775 the starting of British rule occurred in India, it was through the East India Company that the British started business in India which slowly turned into controlling our nation. It was a time of great suffering and loss, after years of being ruled by the Britishers and losing our identity, the movement for independence started during world war 1 led by Mohandas k. Gandhi acted for a peaceful and non-violent end to British rule.
It’s been 75 years since we have been celebrating our Independence from the rules of the British colonials, it is a proud moment for every Indian as its due to the hard work and dedication of various freedom fighters for years that has given us the opportunity to celebrate this day and be proud of our fighters.

Independence day is celebrated with a flag hoisting in every part of India with Red fort being the main area where a huge celebration occurs which includes drills, cultural programs, a parade organized by the armed forces of our country, and also the most important part of singing the national anthem. Independence day is not only a day of celebration but a day that reminds us of the hard work and sacrifices of various lives to give us the opportunity to celebrate this day and honour it.

We should be proud of our nationality and respect it and work for the betterment of it, India is our country and its safety and development are in our hands to keep. Let’s never forget our roots and give our whole heart to rejoice and salute the ones who gave us the opportunity to have our country independent from the rules of foreign nations.

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