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One last time

One last time

One last time…
This phrase holds the power to make someone’s day or shatter it into pieces. The goosebumps that I am getting while writing about it is the pure effect of this very phrase. It can turn out to be deadly or for that sake, memorable depending on your circumstances.

The moment the wish of the last time comes true a rush of excitement rushes deep in the nerves but as soon as this feeling settles down, darkness befalls the entire existence and the reality starts creeping on the walls of your mind. Is it good enough to ask for it rather than just doing what you are supposed to?

The desire and need turns into the deadly beast, letting loose the emotions that can make a human a mad man. That instance is what we call butterfly effect. We can never point it out just like the wind. But , somehow it succeeds in letting a man fall into wishful thinking. It is deadly like serpents’ venom.

For me, one last time… turned out to be good. The bindings , the talks I missed came back in its best form to bring out all the dying emotions back. In fact, it won’t be wrong of me to say, it turned out to be the best. Maybe, tragedy seems fascinating to me or it was the first time I happened to be free like a bird .

The fears that kill you today will bring a brighter smile tomorrow, only if you learn to tackle it. This one last time… taught me this and much more about the concept that we call life.

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