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An Apology

An Apology

An apology is an important part of a human’s life, it can be an easy feeling for many and can be a totally opposite feeling for others.

When we were children we were forced to say sorry for doing something wrong, apology has been taught to us since a young age that if we hurt somebody we say sorry if we break something we say sorry.

An apology is a part of our life since our childhood and remains with us till we are old, there was a time when it was limited to our friends if we hurt them or our parents when we do something wrong, many people are happy and feels relaxed after giving an apology but many just do it for the sake of it.

Apology in itself is a huge feeling which has vast importance in our lives, from saying sorry in small things to saying it after doing something very bad, it is the only feeling we can show to the other person we have hurt or did something wrong to.

Though apology can change a lot of things that make enemies become friends again sometimes only an apology doesn’t bring the required amount of healing that the other person needs but it does the work of letting the person feel relieved with it.

Apology lets the person you have hurt know that you have realized your mistake and that sometimes those wonders to the hurt person, apologizing doesn’t make you weak or you lose your dignity it makes you a better person in front of the eyes of the hurt person.

It is always important to apologize for your deeds things might not turn to the way it was earlier but sometimes does makes the other hurt person feel good from inside and making someone feel relieved through a small apology won’t hurt your dignity. Apologizing has a great impact to change something for to better or if not better to make things a little better.

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