I believe every woman is a witch at least that’s what my Indian culture made me believe so. Like witches, women to hold their power in the hair. The beauty, the strength.. is all in it. But something seems off nowadays as I don’t let my hair down anymore. I am suffocating them, murdering them literally.

I oil them every morning and I don’t even let a single strand fall on my face as if being afraid of men. What if the patriarchal society sees the single strand that represents my strength and shove me down the dirty hole of marriage. It is a little thing but it holds great power. I wish to go bald to let the culture and the fear die together and bury them deep into the coffin of history. I did let my hair down in the darkness of this gloomy night. It felt like I was breathing after a long time. Do I wish to feel like this often? No. Why? Because this hopelessness has sunk deep into my flesh.

The equality we want is something we never get. The dreams that women have at night are full of images of all those things that could never turn into reality no matter how much we try no matter how much we let our hair down.

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