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Turning The Wheels Of Dharma

Turning The Wheels Of Dharma

Shot at McLeod Ganj, at The Namgyal Monastery, often referred to as “Dalai Lama’s Temple” as it is the personal monastery of the 14th Dalai Lama. McLeod Ganj the home of Dalai Lama a suburb in Himachal Pradesh. Over the years, McLeod Ganj evolved into an important tourist and pilgrimage destination.
This is a picture of prayer wheels. The earliest recorded prayer wheels were written off by a Chinese pilgrim around 400 C.E. in Ladakh.

These prayer wheels have the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum written on it. According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition spinning this wheel has the same meritorious effect as oral reciting the prayer. These prayer wheels are believed to have many benefits. Just touching and turning a prayer wheel brings incredible purification and accumulates unbelievable merit. It is believed that the more prayers one offers, the more merit he or she earns, which improves his or her chances of receiving a higher reincarnation and eventually achieving nirvana. It is believed that the prayer through the Buddhist prayer wheels grant everything a worshipper asks for.

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