The cloudy night, light falling over horizon Heart felt for the first time
Sorry if I lie, sorry lover in the eyes.

To the delight beneath the rays,
Touching me, uncovering those scars Pushed me out, Oh Dear I will work it out.

My mishappening, My Youth laid around
I wondered to be the brightest bloom,
To hold me before hurting.

To the unremembered wounds from those remembered adventures,
I came at last, I came forth but I came.

Too shallow yet too deep,
I paused but time spoke for itself,
Holding the depth that I never knew.

Seventeen again at Seventy,
To blame no one,
Pass on those worst intentions.

The days grew long, falling in wrong direction,
The light turned bright to dim,
Convinced myself, I stand at last.

At the edge, Promised would go back,
Looking back it all, probably should’ve known it all,
My youth my lost journey.

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