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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

I, Priyanka Ohri am a Human Developmentalist. I am pursuing a master’s in human development from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and sustains a graduate degree in home science with a specialization in Human development from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. I am an empathetic listener, an articulate writer, and a published co-author. Because of this determination, my work has been published online on different sites and offline in books and magazines. I am a storyteller as well, hence have written a story ‘A Reticent Mujer’ in a book ‘Existing Loudly’, which is readily available on amazon.

As I never miss a chance to take over the opportunity of writing, fortunately, while looking for different opportunities on Instagram, I suddenly got informed by my friend about GOGO Magazine. I contacted them and went through their procedure. Basically, I wanted to write articles for their magazine on psychological topics but luckily, they gave me the chance to contribute to writing travel articles for their travel magazine as well. Thereby, I grabbed the opportunity and collaborated with GOGO magazine for 5 editions in a row. Every month, they follow a simple yet planned protocol of informing the locations for travel articles and giving the privilege to choose the topic for writing an article on any psychological topic.

Their manner of arranging the articles in every edition is easy to access, learn, and highly fascinating. Nevertheless, GOGO magazine has a place for every write up because it believes in valuing everyone’s thought process, experience, and writing style. You can find different sections highlighting different aspects of life and happenings in this magazine. Along with being an opportunistic platform for writers, it is an opportunistic platform for readers as well. One would feel delighted in going through different and upgraded editions as well as styles of writing of various writers in the magazine. The magazine goes with the theme of the moment to engage its audience, attract the ones who are interested and show gratitude to the contributors.

My experience of collaborating and writing for GOGO magazine for 5 editions in a row has been grateful and exceptional. Receiving a message from GOGO magazine thanking me to be a part of their edition each month has always brought a smile to my face and made my day. I have always felt overwhelmed by being featured in GOGO magazine for 5 articles per edition. It has never been tiring for me to write 5 articles (500 words each) every month because they give ample time for submission. The GOGO magazine is in itself an alluring platform to find your name among the oriented articles. I have been writing for different authentic magazines and companies, but GOGO magazine has given me an amazing experience in a short period of time, which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Thank you GOGO magazine for giving space to my articles in your five different editions, always encouraging me to never give up and brainstorm to think about the next topic for the write-up, and to be a part of the list of my achievements.


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About The Author

Priyanka Ohri

Ms. Priyanka Ohri is a Human Developmentalist. She is pursuing a master's in Human development from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and sustains a graduation degree in home science with a specialization in Human development from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She is an empathetic listener and an articulate writer. Her work has been published online on-site Icy Tales and Icy Canada. She has also contributed to two e-magazines (aces magazine and damnfit magazine) by writing articles on topics, ‘why forgiving is gratifying’ and ‘how do we interact with each other’. She believes in imparting her knowledge on Human development subjects.

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