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Modesty is a word which has a quality in itself of not being too proud or confident about oneself. It is an esteemed trait of a human being which is great in itself, as being modest doesn’t make you brag about it, if you are bragging about being modest that means you are self-aware of it, and that doesn’t make you modest.

Being modest is not realizing it yourself but being realized by another person about you, when you get too aware of your own qualities it ruins it to be unaware of being modest is what makes it stand out.

Being modest should be more about our inward attitude and outward actions, modesty still is a difficult subject because it has always been so difficult to discuss.

Modesty is more about what you have in your heart, to be modest and a good person you first need to have a good heart, showing off of being modest and not being so is totally different, modesty is a virtue that changes with situation and being modest doesn’t mean you only need to act good you also need to be a good person inside out. Bragging about being a good person or believing in God doesn’t only make you a modest person, but celebrating life and accepting it happily and beautiful without being too much caught up in people is what is important.

The next time you think of the meaning of modesty just realize the quality of being moderate and not talking about being perfect and good is what it means to be modest in life being unaware of your own goods.

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