The fiery arrow of burning joy with
long look of road ahead, every moment shouted aloud with counting step on the bumpy road.

Passing all along different shade of brown all together at one place joined together with the force of oppression.
Look at the blue-white heads of crowd with brown seems the right place to avoid the interaction of life.

Embarrassments of diffusive radiation that went far, to see long but here now lost in the route ahead.
Long and all ants passing the line following arbitrary routes, see a grasshopper hoping to the green of the world.

As I walk by, imagined time with hands of sand pacing the speed of blue.
The act of stagnant water blue, quietness show was cup.

Again and again, it shall pass too but what remained was agonizing for a hereafter. Dancing in the mellow of thought.
The broken part of yearning remained brown with the moment of blue. The dancing of thoughts continued, I walked, I walked, I walked.

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