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My Cosmos

My Cosmos

*some of you get frustrated from this lockdown and started feeling bored as we all have a specific saturation point, may this article help you to deal with your boredom *

You know what, expressing your thoughts is pretty hard; you need inspiration and motivation to express your thoughts. I always try to find something motivating and inspiring so that I can express myself but today I realized something different.

I wanna share something from my daily routine stuff here ( sorry this entry will gonna longer than usual, hope you love reading stuff ) so I was sitting on my couch and I was kinda bored, so I was like why everything so still and nothing much happening. I always try to find something happening so you know I can find a way to express but today there’s nothing around me which is inspiring enough to drive my thoughts and I was sacred what if this is my whole life now.

Know I haven’t come to the point yet but believe me I’m going somewhere pretty great. So I started saying my favorite word which is yeah we all know “COSMOS“. For the first time, I realized that all along I always tend to look at only one side of this word, and now I’m able to see it’s another side too. it’s everything, literally everything even this stillness and non-happening thing.

All along I tend to find something particular but I realized it’s everywhere you just need to look at its other side too. This stillness is something too, it’s cosmos so I came to this “My Cosmos“. So let’s begin. ( In my mind, the Star Wars opening crawl is happening like ” a long time ago in a galaxy not so far far away but around you, she found her cosmos, now let’s begin with her journey….. (if you are star wars fan you know what I’m talking about)).

Cosmos well if you google it I know the first search will come the famous show/documentary staring our beloved Neil deGrasse Tyson but if you scroll down you will find the wiki page of the meaning of cosmos and it’s about the universe but when we say cosmos it’s something with more than universe more views, thoughts, and degreeSo here I will try to express My Cosmos basically because we all have our beautiful cosmos.

Cosmos is everything either we are talking about its wiki meaning, Carl Sagan odyssey about cosmos, your mom signature recipe of that perfect meal, your feelings about that beautiful girl, your grades, your embarrassing moments, your favorite movie, that Pluto, that star you refer as your grandpa, Cheetos, your failures, your gold medals, your fall and rise, your favorite pair of shoes, that red dress, that perfect first date white shirt, your pet, that boy next door and everything which you can ever think of. Cosmos has everything which we ever want but still we sometimes tend to miss its grace and think “Nothing is happening here or why this is happening, I want a perfect life not this one which is so boring or still”.

Well if next time you have this thought try to think about the beauty of your life or this stillness because when you look at it deeply you will find trillion things about it like I did when I was saying that word cosmos I realized there are many things which are still to explore or to know and nothing in this cosmos “My Cosmos” is boring, it’s exciting that how that sun rays are passing through that glass window making everything sparkle, that how this no sound is full of sounds, that how I’m just sitting on this couch and still revolving around the sun. Nothing is still. It’s just we are not looking at the other side.

My Cosmos is my life and I’m so great-full that I have this life. I know sometimes this cosmos/life seems still or like a failure but if we can just look at its other side we will find out it is great. So ultimately my point is that, don’t wait for something happening or motivating instead be that motivation and drive yourself.  Don’t sit still because you have a bad day or failure instead stand up and find something new to try and I know one day you will find something amazing and you will thank that day when you could be still and can quit but instead of that you drive yourself to something great.

I have learned so much from My Cosmos that I can’t express all of it in this limited screen but the one thing I learned from it which is just awesome is to always keep going, keep moving no matter what, because I know at the end of that road (which I know it’s not easy to achieve and not so close) is something great waiting for me. And I hope that you and your cosmos will find that something great too but don’t you dare to not enjoy this journey, the key is moving and enjoying it too.

Good luck with Your Cosmos.




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Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan

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