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Never judge people by Religion or Region

Never judge people by Religion or Region

Have you ever sat with a person, who is not from your religion,
who is kind to you, but not from your region.
Character tells about a person, never seek his origin.
What matters is a heart, what sets you apart.
You have made it a reason, it’s all about your vision.
Who hasn’t created any odd,
we’ve separated that god.
Donation box could be narrow,
But the mind should be broad,
And with this religion on the sword,
Innocents are being killed,
and the blood like a flood is being spilled,
Politicians see with ease,
because their pockets are being filled,
Neither every Hindu is better, nor every Muslim is a traitor,
We ought to change our thought, or will regret it later,

Why these rapists are being freed by calling them young boys,
Who harshly abuse women and play like they are toys,
And then no religion is there to hear their voice,
They just cry and cry,
The cases are pending,
And victims then die,

And all people out there who are spreading this erosion,
Are not different from the people who are planning explosion,
All faces are turned,
When these girls are burned,
Child marriage, miscarriage,
These are the crimes of society,
Just eradicate them and believe in all mighty,
Put love on above, and not these categories,
Fuck this religion, people have many worries.




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Ashutosh Pathak

||Heavy|| ||Humble|| ||High|| Blessed and still breathing, Making up rhymes Rolling good times Workouts, write-ups n trips

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