Oh, mighty sky,
How bright you shine at night!
There is no sound,
Or at least none that I can hear.
Maybe the stars sing,
Maybe we’re just too far away to hear.
So far that we’re nothing but a freckle,
On the giant planet.
How far can I see?
Or how back in the past?
You’re gone, aren’t you,
The twinkly thing making me smile,
You’re gone.

What I see is a mere reflection,
What I hear, mere a story.
It’s weird how much we humans try to mimic nature,
I also have fairy lights in my room,
But I still prefer to look at you,
Sometimes alone,
Sometimes holding a familiar hand.
Sometimes wondering about the future,
Sometimes reminiscing the past,
Rarely in the moment,
And you have seen it all,
Haven’t you?

I want you to tell me the stories,
Maybe you try to,
But you’re very far away.
Maybe I don’t just know it,
But I know you’re not there,
You’re just a mirage,
A mirage of all the things that are already gone.
On nights like these,
The darkest of skies twinkling with memories from the past,
I prefer to think of myself as no different from you, dear sky,
Because I live in the past no more than you,
And the Sun of my future rises no sooner than yours.
I am no different,
But who am I to you?

Maybe just your reflection,
Maybe nothing.
Maybe the star you gaze at night,
Maybe nothing.

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