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When two hearts collide

When two hearts collide

Flower shops buried with red roses,
Hearts filled with love discloses.
Love is in the air, there’s no doubt,
Feelings they pour out.
Hearts revving with excitement,
For once we cherish the present.

Hearts collide to create halos,
Love at its purest, love that isn’t shallow.
This love is splendidly exhilarating,
Honestly speaking,
We can do better,
Love a little deeper.

Take a moment to feel these calm waves,
Flowing through you as it gently numbs your senses.
Paralyzed by the beauty of the moment,
This beautiful feeling is called love, it’s a bestowment.
Lose yourself to the clarity of these feelings.
Because there’s no better healing.

Together you’re like a beautiful melody,
Rushing through each other’s veins so effortlessly.
Like the autumn breeze, it’s heavenly,
Just like the beautiful stars, together you’ll shine so preciously.
It’ll feel like destiny.
A joy that takes over, so splendidly.
Like green pastures,
It’ll be the beginning of new chapters.

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About The Author

Aaron Sharma

Hi! I’m Aaron, I’m from Imphal a valley in Manipur, a state in the northeastern part of India. I write because writing is like putting a puzzle together. There’s something about it that excites me, bringing words together, fitting the right pieces together to build a beautiful picture, that in itself is a journey, a journey I hope to share with all of you.

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