First of all, I hope you are enjoying your Diwali week. 2020 came so hard on us we all know and these festive times are important to feel alive again, if like a little gateway to feel normal again and cheered up. Diwali is such a great feeling and the vibes of Pooja and dinner with family and friends, I can’t force on this previous statement that how wonderful it is. But not only that, a festive is something which exists in our life to give us some meaning. Like every festival has its own story with a particular moral. And remember the time when we used to write Diwali essays with morals when we were in junior school, yeah! Exactly those stories.

And this Diwali it would be wonderful if you can connect with nature a little more. In this FOMO life, it won’t be a lie if I say we lack the connection with nature, and by nature I mean our family, friends, pets, that plant in your hallway, that river passing your town, that tree with your carved initials, in short, the whole I’m talking about the whole ecology here.

And we are part of this ecology, in ancient times when we weren’t that civilized and surrounded by technology, we had this direct connection with nature. I’m sure our ancestors used to feel that air more and could feel that sunrise with more warmth. No, I’m not saying we don’t have a connection with nature now, we still have. But if I say it’s indirect now? Sitting on our room with AC and a 42’ wide ultra screen where we are feeling this “suitable” air and watching the deep forests of Amazon and planning a trip to go there one day but neglecting the fact just outside those walls, some 50 years old tree which your grandparent had planted is waiting. And the view from your home is still worth watching, the sky is the same folks.

But we had lost the direct connection. To feel this, we often make plans to go to the mountains or for a trek, to feel nature more. But what if you try to feel nature every day instead of on vacation? You can, you just need to understand psychology. No, not the conventional psychology. I mean you can feel nature if you let it all in. Let’s understand the proper term.

Some of you might be familiar with the term “Ecopsychology” and some of you don’t as it’s not some popular field and the term we use daily but indeed it is something we are loving every second. It’s like ecology marries psychology and makes something so beautiful which we should know. A little backdrop, Ecopsychology is a therapeutic technique and ideology that tries to treat people psychologically by bringing them spiritually closer to nature.

If you google it, I know you will find some good books on them. But you don’t need those books. You just need to sit and close your eyes for a while if you want to feel the air; meditation. If you want to see the beauty, just look up and synchronize the breath star you are watching; skywatching. See all those techniques are already here, we just need time to spare and a mind set up to discover this ideology.

This Diwali just not light those Diyas, try to feel the light coming through it. Appreciate this nature and what it is giving us.

Happy Diwali

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