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The Perfect Date!

The Perfect Date!

What do you think about the ideal date of your dreams? Is it a candlelight dinner, or a romantic cozy movie together or just having a long walk, or is it just gazing at the stars or something else! But the perfect date which I admire is recently seen by me last week. It was the perfect beautiful evening and I  went out to take some parcel to the nearby restaurant why entering there I saw a beautiful couple walking with holding each other hands just tightly. I passed out and in the same restaurant, I found then again they were just so adorable that I could not stop my eyes looking from at them. I heard the bit of conversation to the lady was wearing the saree gifted by the man 27 years ago, and the gentleman was confident in the lady more gorgeous now. Soneer started a bit of argument the lady has a was pouncing the name of a Mexican dish wrong accordingly to the man but actually, both the procession were wrong!

Further, I went to there table I talked and told them I just found them so cute together and then I realized it was their anniversary and as there children’s are not there with them so they always come out celebrate by having lunch out then go for movie and then a dinner. They say it was the day to celebrate their togetherness, their journey was already full of ups and downs but they never miss a chance to celebrate it that day. I was so astonished by them as an aunty could not see clearly so uncle became her eyes, and uncle couldn’t chew hard dishes so the aunty would always order Mexican food. I felt them as my order was ready but still wondering how beautiful & pure was that form of love! the love which never fades, the which grows on each passing of day is the love which I find the best. the time I saw uncle flirting with aunty I realised it’s not important to have a clear face but to have a proper man to love your as aunty had wrinkles on her face but still she blushed after uncles compliment!

I find this the perfect date when you both are truly mesmerized by each other and deeply In love. and yes god please bless such ideal couple’s on earth we need the pure love more!

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Kruti Trivedi

Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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