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Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself.
For not being your absolute best,
For being unsuitable,
And for all the fears and doubts.
Forgive yourself, if you take a little longer than others.
Forgive yourself, for every time you’ve thought irrationally and ended up disappointing people.

Most importantly, forgive yourself,
For every time you disappoint yourself!
For not prioritizing yourself,
For suppressing your desires, for being a mindless follower.
Forgive yourself, if you’re clueless.
Forgive yourself, if you fail to comprehend certain things.

Forgive yourself for acting dumb at times,
For being bizarre,
For being clumsy,
For being whiny and vulnerable,
For everything you are,
And you are not.
Forgive Yourself, if you stumble and fall
For you are a human too.
Forgive yourself unquestionably!

Gather your mistakes,
Embrace them with open arms.
Let go of your anger and disappointment.
Let your faith be stronger than your self-doubt.
Unwind your inner self,
Muster that courage,
And paint that tabula rasa all over again.

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About The Author

Ayushi Thakur

A girl from mountains | Literature student | Newbie | Better an oops than a what if.

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