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Fashion Overcoming Stereotypes

Fashion Overcoming Stereotypes

“If it’s perfect, it’s not real.”

The perception of beauty changes from time to time. What was once deemed beautiful, is not regarded the same anymore.

Beauty standards are subtly shifting and are becoming more inclusive. Yes, the fashion industry is slow to change but nonetheless reform is happening. Here, are some break away from stereotypical thinking in the fashion industry: –

Every body-type is unique: Due to awareness of body positivity, more and more leading designers are including variety of body types in their line. The former body goals seemed quite unattainable leading to negative effects on mental and bodily health of youngsters. The reason being Victoria’s Secret 2019 fashion show has been cancelled, is because they have to accept the fact of representation of various body types which is more realistic.

Every complexion is lovely: Fair skin tone was considered to be superior and some brands weren’t behind to promote this misconception. But not anymore! Whether it’s one of world’s most paid model or Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi, they have proved to be obsoleting the orthodox thinking. And yes, we can never stop praising Fenty beauty and Rare beauty for launching 40 and 48 foundation shades respectively. These acts gave out message that every skin colour is beautiful in its own way and one should never stop being them.

Owning your scars: Beauty norms have made us believe in those perfect beach bodies, pouty lips and clear skin. Instead of living up to this criteria one should learn to accept the way they are. Freckles, cellulite, blemishes are common either you possess a glamorous life like those celebrities and influencers you follow or not. One of the top supermodels Winnie Harlow has made fashion history and inspired so many in the line.

Strength is feminine: Muscular women were always looked upon to be undesirable as it was said “muscular isn’t feminine.” Elle magazine breakthrough this cliché and featured sturdy women on their cover. Meg Gallagher, Libby Powell are some of the fitness models who have rejected the old-school and embraced glamour with body-building.

Fashion is not gender specific: Long gone days when pink was represented as women’s color and blue was a men’s colour. Fashion aspects are changing widely and many brands have opted for gender neutral styles. One of the profound changes is making Ramp walks more inclusive. Transgender women like Hunter Schafer, Valentino Sampaio and many more have brought a reformation in the world of modelling. This has made fashion shows more broad-minded.

So instead of believing in the mainstream standards, we should always look for what’s best for us as it is rightly said:-

“Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

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