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“Hi. I’m Tanya Sinha from the beautiful state of Jharkhand. I come from a family of teachers, and while we are all living in different parts of the country we’re still very much a family. Being a student of development studies has shaped my life immensely. I love my dogs the most in this world because they are the ones that taught me how to love and be compassionate. I believe the world would be a much better place if as human beings we all practiced being empathetic towards each other. Empathy is the key to my growth. Along with being a dancer, my love for the stage has brought me into the world of pageants. I have always wanted to represent my country on an international platform and I realised nothing can be better than pageants where I can portray my true self and the uniqueness of my country. My only wish is to see my national anthem being played in a foreign land after I win.

I consider myself a perfectionist because I like to do things in the best way possible. Having a step father has taught me that love is beyond blood and it’s only about what you feel for the other person. I truly believe in Fika which is a Swedish tradition that talks about enjoying and appreciating the small things in life. I am a feminist and I belive in equality in all the forms possible. The vision of my world might sound like a utopia but I truly believe that every utopia is possible if we start the change from within.”@tanyasinha_official

Here is Tanya in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

I started my journey when I was 17 from a local pageant in Bokaro, Jharkhand . It was my mother who encouraged me to participate and from there I was unstoppable . Later, I went on to become one of the finalist from Bhubneshwar for Femina Miss India, I was also one of the finalist from Jharkhand for the same pageant .I was also crowned as Miss Queen of India 2019. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to finally become Miss Globe India 2021.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

Since my childhood there has been a lot of people I have admired some of them include my mother, Sushmita Sen, Oprah Winfrey, Rupi Kaur. All these amazing women are very different from each other and that is what I have tried to be. I have tried to incorporate the thin,s I like about them in me, in my own ways.

3) What is the story behind your passion for the stage?

When I went for my first pageant hoping to win it, and I could not win it, more than being disheartened I was amazed. The feeling of being on the stage and to be able to create change by just being myself gave me a sense of empowerment. As much as I loved the feeling, I look at the stage with utmost respect.

4) Tell us more about being the Miss Globe International India 2021.

First of all, this is an amazing feeling , the sense of achievement fills me with confidence and integrity. Having being crowned with such an esteem title I feel extremely happy and joyful but at the same time this comes with a responsibility to uphold to and I want to do justice to this.

5) What are your future plans/projects?

As a representative of India at Miss Globe International , I will be preparing for a year getting trained from international trainers like Lu Sierra apart from that in my personal life I want to build a house for my parents in my hometown Ranchi and I would be working for the human development of the state. I want to give an identity to Jharkhand more than just being a state that provides raw materials.

6) Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

For the upcoming year I see myself as Miss Globe International and I want to manifest this dream into a reality apart from that I want to keep growing as an individual everyday of my life.

7) How was life in quarantine?

Life in quarantine was a new experience as for everybody else. There were many ups and downs professionally as well as personally that I had to deal with . It was difficult to maintain a good mental as well as physical health . But something that will truly stay with me which this life in quarantine taught was to cherish the small things, people and relationships around us.


INSTAGRAM : @tanyasinha_official

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