Ella was so pale and cold, that she could barely feel anything. Until her last breath, she was looking at Bella. As if she was trying to say something. And suddenly Bella felt her throat choking.

She tries every mean to breathe, but couldn’t. And then Ella came and said, ” I set you free. I died so that you could live. You owe me a life. But I love you”.

And that choking ended. Bella rolled her eyes in every direction. She was scared. She got up and realised she again saw a nightmare.

But this time she was sure that it’s just a bad thought and nothing else.

She got up, went to the bathroom to take a shower. She took her black dress from the cupboard and got ready.

With a flower in her hand, she walked to the graveyard. On the grave written ” Ella Smith, 12 February 1982 to 17 November 1987.”

It was her 20th death anniversary.

” Mom, dad, I had a dream. I saw Ella showering her love on me. She and I are always together.” She said to Ryan and Cinthia.

Ryan had tears in his eyes. Wiping out his tears with tissue paper, he said, ” I have fixed a meeting with my old friend and his son. He is a lawyer. Henry Williams. I want you to join us”.

Bella nodded in Yes and sat down quitely in the car.

She had met Henry when she was eight years old. He was her first and last friend. He knew everything about her and Ella.

He then went to the boarding school and they lost contact. She was waited a lot to meet him. And finally she was meeting him.

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