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As the bulb turns red, Ryan and Cinthia rushed towards operation theatre.

Both of them, standing at a distance, kept staring from the glass window. They looked at their girls, Ella and Bella, separated.

It was first and last time they were seeing them like this.

As a mother, Cinthia got emotional, tears rolling down her eyes.  Ryan rubbed her back to calm her down, saying, ” Cinthia, see Bella. She is unaware of everything. I know we will understand somehow. But it’s going to be harder for her. Control yourself. We have to take extra care of her.”

Cinthia cleared her throat, wiped her tears and kept looking at Ella for one last time. Doctor Ray was watching them from inside. She got out of the operation theatre in her green gown. Removing her mask from the face, she came nearer.

“I know it’s hard, but don’t worry. It won’t have been a good idea to let both suffer when you can give a normal life to one of them. Bella will not have any complications further. And I am really sorry for Ella. May her soul rest in peace.” Dr. Ray said.

Leaving the hospital, they went for the funeral of Ella taking her sister Bella with them to the house. Reaching there, she wasn’t interested in anything. Only thing she was asking for was Ella.

“Before leaving for the hospital you told me we are going to get a normal life. But it’s me only and no Ella. Where is she”, Bella started crying loudly.

Cinthia tried to convince her to calm down. “Ella is with grandpa. Now he is taking her care.”

Cinthia was talking about their dead grandfather, but little Bella didn’t realised that she’s not with her.

One day when she was playing outside with her doll, she heard a voice approaching from a nearby garden. She went and rushed towards that and saw her sister on the swing.

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Karvi Gupta

A textile engineer on weekdays whom you can find painting or sketching on weekends. And one who writes anything that comes to her mind. Romancing through poems or terrifying through dark tales or just a philosophy she can simply write about anything, anyone.

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