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CONJUGATE – CHAPTER 5: The Nightmare

CONJUGATE – CHAPTER 5: The Nightmare

By the time Bella reached near the swing, it was empty and was being dragged with air.

Once she thought of looking for Ella but then she got a little scared so ran towards her home.

She told about this to her parents. They pampered her and said it’s just her misconception.

The same night, she had a dream where again she saw Ella.

The same garden, the same swing and the same doll. But Ella was there. She was trying to say something.

“You’ve got a chance to live but I haven’t. And here it’s all dark.  There is no one. I feel lonely. So I came back.” Said Ella in the dream.

She moved forward to hold her hand, but her hand went inside Ella. And in no time she was gone.

Gasping and breathing heavily, all coated in sweat, Ella got up and looked all around.

It wasn’t a dream. It was a nightmare.

She went to her parents’ room and told them everything.

They got afraid and took Bella to the hospital. Dr. Ray had convinced them for the operation. Now she must address this problem.

“Dr. Ray, I know it was us who decided this whole thing and there was no fault of Ella, but what does this nightmare means. I am afraid for Bella” said Cinthia.

“I think she just sees her sister in her memories. She thinks that she’s in trouble. You should make her understand why you made this decision. If she still have such nightmares then I am afraid you will have to take her to a psychiatrist. “Dr. Ray replied.

Both Cinthia and Ryan thought of talking to Bella. They wanted to tell her that why she lived and Ella didn’t. And why they had to do this all.

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