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Dream Walker – Chapter 15: Plan A

Dream Walker – Chapter 15: Plan A

The man with the binoculars was trying to figure out where the vampire was going. He had not planned on the creature taking a different route than the one he had lured him to. “Why today, of all days, when my master is ready, do you have to veer off the course?” He cursed under his breath as he ran towards his bike. He thanked that the vampire was emitting a very strong energy signature, which easily helped him locate his position. “Maybe my luck isn’t so bad after all”, he said as he noticed that the energy signature was the strongest he had ever witnessed. He was about to notify about the position of the vampire to his master when he noticed that his communication device wasn’t working. He grimaced and thought “Since when has this piece of junk been down?”. He had almost reached his bike when his feet slowed down, and eventually came to a halt. Someone was already sitting on his bike.

Chilling winds had taken over Feli-City at night. People peered out of their balconies and looked at the beautiful city enveloped in soothing breezes. Only if they could go out for a stroll! But, nobody wanted to risk getting killed by a vampire just for a little walk on a windy night. Feli-City didn’t really go to sleep. Not until it was 4 AM at least. The alarm clock of a phone went off exactly at 3:45 AM. Sally’s eyes shot open and she instantly turned towards Lauren. She was horrified at what she saw. Lauren was missing.

While she had expected this to happen, because she had already made preparations for this to happen, this still came as a big shock. “I should’ve set the alarm for 3 o’clock”, she muttered to herself. She knew that she had to fool Lauren’s instinct into thinking that she was actually sleeping, she had planned to wake up after a short span to check up on Lauren. The risk was obvious. She would not be able to monitor Lauren between the window in which she was asleep, and Sally had already lost her first gamble. “I wouldn’t have stood a chance if I would’ve caught her red… blue-handed anyway”, she said to herself, in another to calm herself down. Lucky for her, she knew where Lauren was headed. Sally turned on her laptop and checked up on the bait which she had set for the vampire. Her plan B was working. She took out the pistol she had under her pillow and felt happy that plan A had failed. “Vampire or not, it would’ve taken me ages to fire a bullet at you, mi-amor”, she whispered to herself. Sally put the weapon on her desk and put on a pair of antiglare spectacles. Sally could just sit and wait for the moment till the vampire reached her bait, which was an almost perfect human clone with the modified medicines inside its stomach. While the whole body of the replica was impeccable, its stomach wasn’t an actual stomach. But Sally’s brain had the perfect adjustment for it. A few chemical reactions would keep up the facade for ten hours, after which the process would reach equilibrium.

Sally had also purchased a tracker to place on Lauren, but she wasn’t able to do it. Placing a tracker directly on Lauren was a difficult task and Sally didn’t want anything to blow her cover. Sally felt her own stomach groan from hunger. “Yeah, yeah…” Sally muttered and headed to her refrigerator. She was about to open the door when she heard footsteps approaching her. She froze to the bone and was rooted to the spot where she stood. Her stomach which was feeling empty was now filled with uneasiness and fear. She turned around and to her horror, saw Charlie standing behind her.

“What are you doing here? How did you get in?” Sally blurted out instantly. Her vocal cords taut with fear, but she tried her best to mask it. “I was just taking a stroll. You don’t get such windy nights in summers in this city”, Charlie said, scratching his head under his black fedora. He was clad in a big black overcoat and also had black gloves on. He looked more equipped for a murder than a casual night stroll. Besides, this was the very same outfit that Katsumi’s attacker was wearing. She found one thing really odd though. The overcoat also looked very oversized on him and he was almost drowning in it. Katsumi had made no mention about the man’s build, but this trait was far too noticeable to slip from her head. “Damn it! I won’t know if he is concealing a knife in those clothes!” Sally thought. “Well, the summers don’t have such windy nights, sure, but I don’t have late-night uninvited visitors at my place, either. Any season of the year”, Sally said resolutely. She was badly fighting the urge to look at her gun and figure out how quickly she could get to it, but she wasn’t foolish enough to do so. She had to create an opening. “Oh yeah! I was just passing by and saw that your door was open. I feared that someone might have broken into this house and I thought I should check. I never imagined that I’d run into you.”, Charlie said casually, although the intensity of his green eyes was anything but casual. Sally was a thousand percent certain that she had placed not just one, but two locks at the front door. If this wouldn’t have been a situation where her life was hanging in the balance, Sally would’ve suggested calling the cops in case someone had really broken into her house, but one wrong move would mean her death.

Charlie was reading the room just like Sally was. Something told her that he had already finished what he had walked in for, and was mere seconds away from killing her. “What do you want, you scumwad? What is it that you have already found out?” Sally wondered. Time had started to slow down. Cold sweat trickled on the surface of Sally’s back. She had to find an opening now. “Well, Charlie it really is a pleasant surprise! Although I’m happy and a little bit freaked out that you are here, I really assure you that I have nothing worth stealing except that big Golden Buddha Idol there”, Sally said as she pointed towards a wall behind Charlie’s right shoulder and Charlie’s eyes followed her fingers. That was it! Charlie sprang to her desk with a quick dash and picked up the pistol. Charlie realized what was happening a second too late but he turned back quickly. But Sally had already received all the time she needed as she pointed the pistol towards Charlie and thought, “Initiating Plan A!”

Charlie was just a split second faster than Sally’s fingers as a bullet nearly missed his head. Sally fired three more shots but Charlie had already ducked under cover behind a couch. Sally still had seventeen more bullets in the magazine. “What the fuck are you doing, woman?” He screamed from behind the couch. Sally thought about not answering the question, in order to conceal her location, but then took a big side step to leap to the left and said, “Shooting at a trespasser! What else do you think I’m doing?” The words had no longer left her mouth then she quickly jumped back to her original position. She then started tiptoeing softly but quickly towards the right. Sally was certain that she had fooled Charlie and was about to round upon him from the right when she was stupefied to her place. Charlie was not behind the couch anymore. She turned around and saw another man in the same clothes, but this time, they were fitting him properly. His eyes were almost the same green as that of Charlie, but his hair was blonde instead of sandy. Sally recovered from her shock in a flash and shot three bullets in quick succession towards the man from point-blank range. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The bullets weren’t hitting him at all, but were passing through him! The blonde aimed for Sally’s neck and grabbed it with one of his hands and used the other to disarm Sally. Sally’s air supply was cut and she was struggling desperately to break free from his grip. Then, everything clicked at once in her head. He had broken into Katsumi’s house as well as her house not by forcing his entry, but by simply passing through the doors. This was a possibility she had not imagined even in her wildest dreams. “Well, well, well…” Charlie said, his voice thundering. “Look what we have here”, he said with a sinister smile and then, without warning, shot a bullet at Sally and her screams filled the entire house.

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