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Black Book

Black Book

Such a famous book name with many references and meanings. But here it refers to “Things I can’t say out loud”, if this book has any title this must be it. It’s my personal belief that no one is like an open book, some people really let you believe that you know about them completely and every moment they ever lived. But we have our secrets: it could be any event or even some secret feelings. Now let’s be clear that not always keeping secrets is non-ideal or extremely dysfunctional.

We all live our life on our own terms. And we should actually. We don’t have much of the time. So sometimes we feel a little different and some parts of our time is kind of limited that we only know about it. And these secrets and the things we can’t say out loud are part of our life and more I can say part of us. And sometimes the lock has only one key and what if we are the only key.

Quotes usually help us maneuver but not all the time. We listen or read many quotes when you love someone you know their all secrets but it should rather be “ when we love, we love all things, we love their flaws too and we love the things which we don’t know ” that’s how we love *Unconditionally. Or we can say that what a perfect love seems like.

As we grow we face many things or situations alone and we deal with them on our own. That’s life, you move further and further day after day. So with time, we collect those memories and experiences. And we are what we did or our past is our story so far. Isn’t it? And sometimes we feel like not opening up and keeping them inside. And that really gives us peace that way. You are not hiding things of fear or anything, it’s just those things are part of you now and you can’t run from them so you accepted them and now you just live with them.

And these experiences and things make you more alive and lively and what is the point in living when there is no life in it?

Remember that time when we used to write diary entries, well some of us still do that but now we call them keeping a journal * just some grown-up shit *. So we keep those entries and try to hide somewhere where no one can read because we don’t want to. Those entries were about experiencing life and we like them to stay within us.

Just like those entries, we have things/feelings which we can’t say out loud. They are your things, feelings, expressions and you are allowed to keep them within you.

It’s just our black book which we don’t read loudly.

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About The Author

Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan

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  1. y0ungtiger

    This is Amazing .
    When I started reading it, I thought that it just never finished. It would have been nice had it been a bit longer.


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