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The Purr-fect Family – Three fur babies and mamma

The Purr-fect Family – Three fur babies and mamma

“Not all heroes wear capes, some create a home for a hungry stray. “

If you want to see the true innocence, you don’t need to go anywhere magical or utopian, it’s in the eyes of animals. I still get disturbed with concepts like trading animals and zoo culture, I was never a fan of this or that breed or an animal inside a cage for our amusements. Not gonna say all but some are pure kind hearts out there don’t believe buying an animal but more into adopting them.

How many times it occurs to you that when you walk around your hometown and see a stray fur animal and feel like giving love to it. True animal lovers know this feeling and they just can’t walk through without patting them and giving them some little snack. If by any chance this article helps you and gives a signal to adopt or to give your affection to the stray, maybe I have conquered something big with my words here.

So this is the story of a stray cat, not as pretty as you buy from a pet shop but as beautiful as the rainbow in the sky. She was old and thirsty when I and my brother discovered her, we both were kids at that time and we decided to take care of her. We started feeding her daily and after some months, she brought her kittens to us and we started feeding them too and sometimes we used to play with them. They got big and her mamma stopped coming, we weren’t able to process that time why she ain’t coming but now we know that she went to someplace beautiful.

Just like that, her kittens gave birth to the next generation and some flew off, some stayed. And presently my home is always meowed by three fur babies and one mamma cat, all successor of that old cat. But this time something is unique, as because of COVID the whole family is at home so we spend more time with them resulting they ain’t flying away instead this time all four are living under one roof pur-fectly.

And it’s so wonderful living with these cute and adorable creatures. Home is more homey with them. Now they are like family. They were all, one who came previously but this time I saw them growing day by day in front of my eyes and this feeling is so surreal. This love for them is now irreversible. And I have started understanding them more, just like us they have some prominent factors and moods.

Kenny has this attitude like a dog, and it’s not just an expression I literally mean that. He will follow you like some dog and will try to grab that ball like some cute puppy ( although he can’t but he tries his best.) And there’s Stuart, she is so active and has this infinite package of energy which seems not to end. Rat is an introvert, he looks exactly like a rat voila! That’s why we named him rat. He seems mature to me, always sitting alone but when it comes to hunting, no one can beat him (at least not me).

And last but definitely not least, the mamma cat named Meow. What to say about her, she is the best soul I’ve ever seen in my life. She always makes sure that her kittens are full only then she eats. Motherlove is the same for all and that I’ve seen.

And whenever I look at them I just feel happy about that day when we fed that old cat. We just gave little love to her and she trusted us with her future. And I guess that’s the beauty about giving love to stray, they just never forget. And just like her(that old cat), I won’t forget her.

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Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan

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