Do you remember those rough days which tried their best to make you rogue? Do you remember the happiest moments that you have to live over and again? We live in nostalgia, so what’s more soothing the trace of happiness those good old days left behind or the sense of endurance that you passed the worst possible moment for that time? As I look back between 10-7, it’s all dark and full of life as if it an awakening, when everything is entangled to an impasse yet this time, liberates you, it frees you from making any distinction between day and night, because you are enlightened to normalize sun and moon, not that you are marching towards a philistinism but you are in a dream and long sleep that their presence hardly makes a difference, it’s dark, yellow, red, blue and grey. Moon is pretty and the sun is hot, what’s left to say, what is there that isn’t said about them.

Now if you are in pain, it has come to you for something beyond an explanation but these poets deceive us when they tell you to learn from the moon, sun, stars, they are vicious and they make you puerile. Between 7 and 10, music is also delusional, songs which connected once to the core are delusional in between 7& 10. If you had to write history, you would have written about them as the darkest hours despite not knowing did they belong to the night or daylight. Between 7 and 10, the breathing becomes heavy, it seems something is fading away in a way that it will take an eternity to regain its original shape. Between 7 and 10, your senses stoop so low that you find yourself in a hole. Between 7 and 10, this hole is the cruelest, it laughs at your agony, it hails your trauma as the only real thing you deserve, then silence follows which is debilitating. Clandestinely you take long breaths as you will bear consequences if you are caught copying it with or making an attempt towards peace. This hole is crafted with demons, they are incongruous, they come to grind you, you hear them crying, weeping, they don’t let you sleep.

You are bruised but they don’t want you to find a place to even cry, they themselves are doing it all the time. Where do you go to cry, where will you go to die?

In between 7 and 10!

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