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From where DO you get that? 

How do you inculcate it in your personality? 

You just  cannot  grab it from a grocery store, can you? or pluck it from a mango tree. 

Its a process plus  includes various aspects which needs to be considered ! 

Few things you can choose to  boost your confidence are : 

1)  Power dressing:

Wearing something very expensive or trendy doesn’t mean its a power OUTFIT. As far as its clean, ironed, tidy, and most importantly you pulling it off comfortably. Hell! Nobody can make u feel degraded, because when you look good you feel good, right?

2)  Body language:

Body language speaks volume about you . Standing tall , back straight, eye contact and a firm introduction about your self in minimum words  makes all the difference. 

This is the most important in my opinion.

 3) Pitch:

Your tone/ frequency matters, clarity in speech is must. If you suffer from fumbling when you are nervous or upset   just like me, try to frame the sentence in your mind before you convey it. 

4)  Research:

You must know what you are speaking. You must have thorough  knowledge about the topic you going to talk about. 

Example: In you go to an event, where making new contacts and socializing  is important. Then you must google about the even and the people whom you wish to meet and work with. 

5)  Kill negative thoughts: 

This tip goes  hand in hand with the above subjects. Positivity is what you ride, thoughts and doubts crossing your mind needs to be  clarified before it is out.

        My reader. Dig this in your  head, that everything is possible only if you are willing to do, adding to that  “Everything happens for a reason”

 This is what my “FUNDA” looks like  to deal with every situation ready for whatsoever consequences. 



* Don’t ever doubt your self worth.

* Confidence is what makes  you shine and stand out.

* When you  believe  in yourself, you are already     half way there.       

* Choose comfortable clothing because its an important factor of slaying bold.

I hope you guys like this blog! 

Such blogs are my personal favorites,  I hope its yours too.

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Huma Joad

Modest Fashion Blogger | Social Media Influencer | Content Creator | residing at Pune, India. My vision is to make modest Fashion as common as possible because it enhances the elegance of women.

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