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PIYALI TOSHNIWAL – The plus-size pageant queen

PIYALI TOSHNIWAL – The plus-size pageant queen

Businesswoman by profession and MBA Finance – and Electronics & Telecom Engineer by Academics. Contributing to society drives her soul. Hence she has done a lot of social work and taken steps for the empowerment of transgenders, economically backward children. Always worked at ground level to support people. A renowned Influencer, Blogger, and IG Model & Entrepreneur by profession. In 2020, she was chosen as Mrs. INDIA GOODWILL by UNITED NATIONS 2020. Mrs. UNIVERSE ASIA 2019, Mrs. INDIA Universe 2019, Mrs. QUEEN UNIVERSE Charity 2019 and Mrs. MAHARASHTRA International 2019. Ready to appear for the Grand finale of *UNITED NATIONS WORLD PAGEANT* 2021. She is published by more than 65 media coverage including 10+ magazines, Google news. Received more than 10 Awards including Prestigious Indian of the Year 2020 and World Excellence 2019. Her Life Mantra – Positivity, confidence, and persistence are key in her life. So she never gave up on herself, that’s Piyali for you.

Here is Piyali Toshniwal in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey start?

My journey started in 2013 with travel blogging on social media. It was random back then but I streamlined it more in 2017 and started noting and posting more travel content since then… I was a travel addict since childhood itself as my dad had a posting job so we traveled across many states and hence the travel bug bit me. 

2) Who has been your inspiration?

I love following many good travel bloggers on Instagram. Some best storytellers would be travel photographers who do wonders with their content. Though I can’t name one person only as I get inspired by quite a bunch of them. 

3) How did your Instagram community grow? 

I started interacting with my audience every week through lives, activities about my lifestyle and do a lot of blogging and vlogging with quality content especially styling, beauty, grooming tips, and all through my feed which intrigued my followers a lot and my content keeps getting shared and saved all across. And hence from 10k last year march to now we have grown above 187k instafam globally. I have followers across the globe who regularly interact with me across DMS and comments and they encourage me a lot to make better content. 

4) Which has been your most memorable moment?

As a blogger/influencer When I crossed 10k on Instagram was indeed a milestone for me. Also When I won my first crown ( city-level) beauty contest that was really a great turning point for me and it turned out to be the stepping stone for my pageant journey. 

5) Suggest three tips for modeling. 

1. Confidence

2. Charisma

3. Self-belief and your unique style. 

6) How was your experience while appearing in United Nations World Pageant?

I have been into a charity for a long time. I have won a lot of awards for the service of humanity and been written tons of times in media. I came to know about the pageant after I won my Mrs. Universe Asia Crown in July 2019 and I immediately applied for UN world Pageant as they focus on charity & humanity. Then rounds of interviews were done and my charity activities were presented to the UNP organizers and I got selected as Mrs. India Goodwill – United Nations. We have the World Pageants in Feb 2022 where I compete with 70+ contestants from across the globe. (due to covid reasons it got postponed 2 times) 

7) How important is the thought of body positivity?

It’s very much important for me and I preach it always and motivate many plus-size girls to love themselves and accept themselves as they are. In the current scenario wherein showbiz, girls and women are pressurized to be an FTV model like in our industry, BodyPositive movements are very much essential. So that more and more inclusivity is practiced and plus-size models are given opportunities in the industry. That is the reason I chose UN Pageants to participate as they believe in inclusivity and size, height, color doesn’t matter for them. It’s the first of a kind anti-racist Pageant for models across the World. And my own line of pageants which I organize at the district and state levels also encourages inclusivity. 


INSTAGRAM: @piyalitoshniwal_official

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