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YAZAN AL KOUDSI – Top Midwest, USA Travel Influencer 2021

YAZAN AL KOUDSI – Top Midwest, USA Travel Influencer 2021

Yazan Al Koudsi is a digital content creator and travel influencer from Houston. He recently crossed 1 million followers on Instagram. He has visited 77 countries so far and has been awarded as the top Midwest, USA Travel Influencer for the year 2021. He was also presented with Dubai creative award in 2017.

Here is Yazan Al Koudsi in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

I started in Dubai, I used to be a flight attendant and it was my dream job. I started sharing my travel and some pictures and tips went viral and that’s how I knew that people are getting benefits from my tips.

2) Why do you love travelling?

to discover new things, change the routine, meet other cultures, feel alive again, explore the world, record memories and discover new food too.

3) How many countries you have travelled to now?

I have been to 77 countries till now.

4) Tell us about budget travelling.

I’ve never done it. usually, I do and do collaborate with hotels and resorts. I’m more into luxury travel.

5) Suggest the three best destinations.

Bali, Paris and Prague.

6) Which has been the scariest moment while travelling for you?

When someone stole all my belongings in Paris even my phone. I felt lost but thank god I was with my colleagues so they were able to help me!

7) What are the three essentials for travelling?

Phone charger, extra credit cards and cash money.


INSTAGRAM: @zizotravel

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