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Isa Khan is a traveler, landscape photographer, travel blogger, theatre artist, and an economics teacher. He simply started travel blogging because he loved traveling.

Here is Isa Khan in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) Economics teacher a travel blogger and also a theatre artist so how do you manage all these together?

I started my career as a teacher before that I was working in the corporate sector, later on, when I started traveling photography came with it. I realized corporate jobs were not for me and when I started teaching students and after that, I started traveling to the Himalayas especially for trekking and after a year I started learning photography on my own. It’s not easy to manage all these three fields which are totally different but I believe when you sincerely love doing something the act of doing it gives you the pleasure, and for me managing all these things together is not difficult because I love doing all of them. If I start doing something I don’t like or just for the sake of doing it won’t give me happiness and I will soon get bored and leave it.

My mantra is to do things which you love doing which gives you peace and happiness and with time you will start unravelling the solutions and ways to fulfill your dreams.

2) What made you choose travel blogging?

I simply started travel blogging because I love travelling, I used to be the person who used to enjoy sitting at home doing nothing and watching Netflix earlier but with time it changed I believe everyone has a calling time so even I had mine where I thought of going out of my comfort zone, travelling to Himalayas and trekking was totally out of my comfort zone so I started doing it and now travelling gives me happiness and I love doing it.

I didn’t plan to start as a travel blogger or photographer but with time my work started getting recognized and people loved what I was showing to them through my account and brands started coming to me for collaboration that’s when I started taking it more seriously and work towards it.

3) What is the most beautiful thing about being a travel blogger?

You get to see the Himalayas! I am totally a mountain person, it doesn’t mean I don’t like going to the beaches but I stay in Delhi and beaches are quite far from Delhi Uttarakhand and Himachal are quite close to my city and considering I am also a teacher I have the responsibility of teaching them so long vacations cannot be my thing this is the reason I go for a short duration of time.

It is difficult for me to explain the feeling but I think to feel the emotions of everything you need to experience it we go through a lot of feeling good, bad, hurt everything but you should endure all of them and try living it peacefully and happily. A person doing sky diving can know the feeling of it as he has experienced it I cannot feel what he has felt at that moment of time because I have never done it. I think people should try and experience various feelings in his whole life and travelling is something that has a different feeling of happiness.

4) When you started doing blogging and posting contents did you ever thought you will have such a huge fan base?

I never thought of it photography came to me when I started travelling, I wanted to maintain a data that was the reason behind photography I started clicking pictures with my phone itself. I always believe in doing things perfectly, I want to give my best on whatever I am doing and don’t want to leave it in between. I have done BBA and have never learnt to do photography during my college or school, but later I started watching videos to learn about photography and how I need to use my camera for landscape photography and different.

With time my work got better and people started acknowledging it and I started giving much more importance. With time artists starts developing a style and continuing working on that style which makes people come to know it’s his or her work without even knowing the name of the artist.

I always try to bring something new but always try to keep my style in tacked on the work. When people keep seeing your work or recognizing your work that’s the best feeing.

5) That one foreign destination you would love to travel.


6) What do you prefer travelling alone or with company?

Depends, I prefer having 2 people as company while trekking if I am travelling by myself it is my strict rule to only travel with 3 people which includes me and the other two. I might have travelled with more people during earlier times or when organizing a trip but it’s always 3 people I love travelling. Company matters a lot when you are travelling in a group and I have my fixed people and I know I have to travel with them. I also do solo trips that’s a totally different experience as you are in your own you have to make your own decisions you are not dependent on anybody.

I enjoy both but if given a chance I would prefer solo.

7) Where do you plan to travel once the pandemic situation is over?

I am already travelling to Manali, but once everything gets settled I would love to explore northeast, I have never been to Northeast before so that’s one places I would plan my next trip to.

8) Most favorite destination of yours from all your trips?

This has always been the most difficult question to answer for me every place has its own different feeling, small things matter a lot in a place. The atmosphere people everything matters a lot.

One place that comes to my mind is Harkidun I had a great experience there me and my friends we were accompanied by an old man who was from the forest department and we had no one else, the weather was beautiful we had a small room where we slept in the floor over thermocols and a blanket, it was an experience I will cherish my whole life and also Kashmir as I felt a sadness in that place like after having so much of potential the place is still not much praised or given importance as much as it deserves.

9) How is the lockdown treating you and your work?

Initially, it was fine but later it became a bit difficult for me but as now it has been allowed to travel with all the safety precautions I planned to come to Manali.

As work is concerned I am now teaching my students online like every other teacher, Online collaborations are now not as good as earlier as their marketing budget has also cut down a lot due to this pandemic, Lakhs and lakhs of people are getting unemployed brands don’t have money to spend on marketing there are though still a few brands who are still going on with their marketing.  It will take a year now for the market to get back to normal I am just going with the flow as travelling and photography are something as I said earlier I love doing and money comes last at my list. I always believe that the amount of money I have right now is way more then I required and I am happy with what God has given me and I am just going with the flow.

A true artists primary factor is never money but his art form and his believe in it and I love my work as a photographer and a travel blogger and I want my work to be loved and get recognized with time.


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The peak of the mountain calls out your name louder and clearer than the rest of the journey. It draws you in, by no fault of your own for after all, you forget most of the times that you are all but merely humans and nothing but humans. The peak calls out your name and you getting your backpack readied and shoelaces tied, begin the relentless pursuit to the top. The top of the world. You stand on the peak and as you feel the clouds just above your head , the wind close to your reach and the world looking like a Lilliputian's village beneath you, you feel powerful. You feel alive. You stand on the peak and shout out your name, laughing at the secrets of the world. You stand on the peak for hours at end, befriend your solitude and then satisfied with the momentary power you held, you start coming down. On the pursuit to the top, you forget to enjoy the journey. Leaving the people and the memories you could've cherished behind. In solitude, one does discover parts of himself that binds him speechless. Yet, solitude due to the pursuit of worldly riches is just torture and nothing else. Torture and regret. Ps: This picture is a composite of two different shots. #shotononeplus #OnePlus5 . . #_soi #mypixeldiary #lonelyplanetindia #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #yourshotphotographer #storiesofindia #tripotocommunity #dslrofficial #bornoninstagram #earthpix #uttarakhand #chandrashila #landscapephotography #incredibleindia #indiapictures #himalayasin

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