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As Simple As It Can Get

As Simple As It Can Get
You have nothing to prove to the world. Let that sink in.
You could be the best version of yourself and there would still be people who would not like you, in-fact the bitter truth is, they don’t essentially have to.
You could be kind, compassionate, affectionate. For all I know, you could love with all your heart and it still wouldn’t be enough. But that’s okay. You have to understand the fact that you can be a good person, but not for them. And they can be a good person, an amazing person even, but not for you. Life’s twisted like that. Accept it, embrace the complexity of it.
So instead of pushing yourself to be the best for your parents, your brother, or your latest crush, be the best person for yourself.
Do whatever brings your soul at peace. Be honest, because that aligns well with your conscience. Be loving, because you have so much love in you to share with the world. Go dancing, even if you suck at it if that’s what makes you happy. Take that cooking class with your best friend, only because you want to cover each other’s faces in flour.
Take a solo trip, to reconnect with yourself. Go shopping with your roommate, spend time together if that’s what you need. Splurge on skincare, if that’s what you’re into. Ask your crush out, tell them you like them. The worst is they’ll turn you down, but so what? You would’ve tried at least. Tell a stranger that you think they’re pretty. Call your dad and tell him you miss him. Whatever makes you happy.
Try, try and build a life you want. Try doing things that make you happy. Even if you do fail, you know you did something worthwhile.
Just live life authentically and on your terms. Fall in love with it. The madness of it, the hustle of it, the peace, the chaos, the smiles, and the tears, everything. In all probabilities, you only have one. And what a waste of a life would it be to live for everyone else but yourself. So for the millionth time, live baby.
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About The Author

Khushi Maheshwary

Happiness! That's what my parents had in mind when they named me. But I guess "Happiness" is so much more profound to be just a name. I wish to spread more of it through this blog, addressing and simplifying things we so often complicate ourselves. Happy Succinct Reading!!

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