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Not so modern times

Not so modern times

Life, as we know it today, is fast-paced, and has a connected lifestyle. Well, that was not the case when we look back a couple or more decades back. The technology was still in its developing stage (it always will be), but that was the initiation. Unlike then, today we have moved quite ahead and have seen what science can possibly do.

Today we’re connected through social media, but back then not everyone owned mobile phones but there used to be landlines, and you had to keep a record of phone numbers in a diary. As kids, we used to make plans when we were together (say in school), used to gather in nearby parks in the evening.

And if you imagine, falling and being in love would have been quite tougher back then as well. Unlike today, you could not stay connected 24×7. It sure was tough to be together, and supposedly it called for a lot of trust as well.

Things were surely different back then. I mean those who have lived through the times could tell it better. Things today are easy (thanks to the technology) but the essence of the time that passed was a vibe too!

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