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Aryansh Arora – author of 3 solo books, 5+ compilations and co-authored 50+ books and counting

Aryansh Arora – author of 3 solo books, 5+ compilations and co-authored 50+ books and counting

Aryansh Arora is an 18-year-old from a small town, Basti, Uttar Pradesh. He was into music for a very long time but due to some mishappening, he sort of lost his original voice when he was indulged in the training in music. By the grace of God, he was having a keen sense of lyrics and a good hold in the Hindi language which turned him out to be a writer. Today he has 12 records in the field of literature ( including 3 international Records) and 6+ Awards including National Awards. He also got the Record of being the first teenager with 11 records in literature in less than a year and he is also nominated for Karamveer chakra by the UN. He is damn competitive but noble by nature. To this date, he has written 3 solo books, done 5+ compilations and counting, and co-authored 50+ books and counting.

Here is Aryansh Arora in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as a musician begin?

I was into music since class 2nd and the thing that admires me was the lyrics. Then I joined my school choir In class 6th as a Congo player and singer and I even took lessons of music.

2) What incident made you switch your lane from singing to writing?

A time comes in everyone’s life when your voice changes from a childish tone to a mature one. The sad part was I went with that thing for almost 10 months and I was told not to sing because my parents thought that it’s because of my dedication and devotion towards music. By the grace of god I was with keen sense of lyrics writing and that turned out me being a writer.

3) Tell us about your achievements in the field of literature writing.

The following are my achievements in the field of literature writing –

  • Kalam book of record holder
  • Vajra world record holder
  • Bravo book of record holder
  • Credence book of record holder
  • Honoured by India book of records
  • Honoured by world book of records
  • Omg Book of record holder
  • Star book record of international holder
  • Official world record holder
  • Exclusive world record holder
  • Asia book of record holder
  • Inspirational Indian awardee by Anandshree organization
  • Young achievers award by Indian achievers forum
  • Golden star award by Literoma
  • FCP excellence awards by Four clover Publication
  • Recognised as corona warrior by Forever star Indian awards
  • Participated in State, national and international level competition in Vedic maths and got 3rd runner up.
  • Nominated for Karamveer chakra
  • Most popular author in write-o-mania 6 by Fanatixx Publication
  • Written 3 solo books and Compiled 5 books
  • Co-authored 50+ books.

4) What nominated you for Karamveer Chakra by UN?

My exemplary achievements in the field of literature as a teenager and thought of changing yourself first to change the world made me nominated here.

5) Who is your inspiration?

I usually get inspired by things around me like if someone is getting awards I will be like I should try for them as well and if someone is applying for some achievements I should try as well there. Moreover, in lyrics writing, I get inspired by King Rocco (rapper) and Karma (rapper) and in literature, it’s Sir Rahat Indori ( poet).

6) Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

I really don’t know the answer to this question but I will say that where I will be I will be happy because I will never feel like that I have never done anything in my life. I wish to be a lyricist in Bollywood or a rapper but even If I won’t get those things I will be happy that at least I tried.

7) How was the life in quarantine?

For people, life in quarantine was a bit messy but for me, it was really a golden year for me because I got enough time to work on things I loved and by the grace of god my whole family is looking forward to a better future of mine in that field and I worked a lot on myself as well. Overall it’s till now my best year.


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