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Best early morning habits to have a great start

Best early morning habits to have a great start

Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day.The tone of your morning will determine the tone of your day, so it’s time to start planning accordingly. When you form healthy habitual behaviors for the morning, you set your day up for success.

Warm Water, Fresh Start

Drinking a glass of water in the morning after going hours without a sip is a good way to hydrate your body. The Ayurvedic technique of adding lemon to a warm glass of water helps remove toxins from your digestive system.

Make Your Bed

Tim Ferriss, author and podcast host (The Tim Ferriss Show) has interviewed more than a hundred highly successful people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and in a variety of industries. He always asks, “What’s your morning routine?” Along the way, he has collected five habits that he has incorporated into his morning routine, and one of them is making his bed.


Western medicine has questioned the medical benefits of meditation.

Incorporating some type of mindfulness practice like meditation into your daily morning routine can help ground you and train your mind and emotions, which then influences how you react to challenges throughout your day.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

You’ve doubtlessly heard that morning meal is the main dinner of the day. At the point when you make time to have a solid breakfast (lean proteins, sound fats, and entire grains), you’ll have more energy for the duration of the day and a more grounded capacity to center and think.

Rediscover Your “To-Do” List

Require a couple of moments to record a schedule for the day ahead. At that point focus on it so your day’s rundown has simply 3 to 5 things on it—positioned arranged by need to ensure you tackle the most squeezing things first.

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