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SHREYA JAIN – Fashion enthusiast, consultant & blogger

SHREYA JAIN – Fashion enthusiast, consultant & blogger

This young woman is a Jaipur based fashion blogger who started her career and is now successfully gaining love on her work. Being a lover of fashion she also creates videos on skin care, hair care and lifestyle. A girl with dreams to make it big in the fashion world here presenting Shreya jain also known as Sjbox

Here is Sherya Jain in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) What made you choose to be a fashion creator?

If you open my page you will see in the bio it says fashion enthusiast, so fashion enthusiast is someone who is very excited about fashion and I think if you are enthusiastic about something or you love something you should achieve it. Fashion basically makes me happy, I love fashion and that’s why I wanted to be a fashion creator. I wanted to show the world what I imagine how our culture includes both western clothing to ethnic everything, and my page has a perfect blend of both the mixtures. And I want my perspective to fashion lends a little value to the industry.

2)  From where do you take your inspiration?

I take my inspiration from everywhere, when I initially started creating fashion videos I thought particular things can only inspire you and now when I am growing in this field and exploring it I think inspiration can be taken from various things around us, from the corners of my house to food items to colour of the sky I mean all this thing can help me create a great fashion they add the little idea to my thoughts on fashion. For me, everything inspires me especially my followers who help me to be better every day.

3) With fashion we also get to see skincare hair care and cooking videos so why didn’t you keep it only fashion-oriented and included these things?

For me fashion doesn’t only mean wearing clothes it means looking good, and you look good when you are confident, your skin is good and you eat well it shows, so I think fashion is a blend of everything you need to take care of your skin, your hair what you are eating, your living style everything. And when all these things are included that what makes you a look great. This is the reason why I have added all of this and that why I have included everything on my page and I want to experiment all of this but as I love fashion the most you will see a lot of it on my page.

4) Where do you see yourself in another 5 years?

So, I see myself specializing in a career I find extremely interesting and motivating and apart from that I really would love to see people adopting my fashion tricks like I want my tricks to be used by people in their own fashion styles that would be a dream come true for me. And lastly, I would love to see myself in a place where people are loving me and my work.

5) What are the 5 basic clothing that every girl should have in her closet and is good to go from breakfast to dinner with them?

So for this, I will twist the answer a bit so I think whatever you wear there I nothing like you should have this clothing but it is important to have a few great accessories, a nice pair of sunglasses, a watch and lastly a well-fitted lingerie, I think if you own these 3 things whatever you wear you can make an addition to your basic clothes. Apart from that I think well fitted and ironed clothes make a huge difference I am against this thought that you should own a few particular clothing’s but whatever you have if you know how to carry them with the perfect accessories you are good to go. As in my page, I show people how you can reuse your clothes for different occasions so I don’t want to limit people they can buy what they like and feels comfortable in but carrying yourself is what makes a difference.

6) What is the most liked fashion trend of yours?

Right now I love the sexy 70’s look that is coming back.

7) Your favorite fashion creator whose work you love.

I just want to say that I love myself and my work. It is important to love yourself and your work first before expecting others to do it so yes I love myself.

8) There is a lot of competition on your field, how do you cope up with it?

By minding my own business, apart from that if I have to give an explanation I think everyone is doing their own job and we can respect that and work on our own self rather than making it a controversial thing, there is no competition I think it’s just the media and people creating it. Everyone is happily doing their own work and owning their style so I think minding my own business as I said earlier is what makes me focus on my work and do better on it.

9) You are also the face for a new skin care brand, so how that came to you?

So, I also have an IGTV video explaining it all, how I got this opportunity, so for the interview, I will just give a gist of it, it is a Hong Kong-based brand who launched itself in India a Jaipur being the first city they contacted me and a few other known names from Jaipur and after all meeting them and doing a shoot later they contacted me and that’s how I got the chance to be the face of their product.

10) How’s life in quarantine?

I think people should watch my next video for this, I am very soon coming up with a video titled ‘an unfiltered day with Sjbox in quarantine’, I would ask people to definitely watch that video as it will have the answer to this question about how I am spending my quarantine days.


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