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ANUJ SHARMA – Finalist Indian Idol Season 2

ANUJ SHARMA – Finalist Indian Idol Season 2

Anuj Sharma is an Indian playback singer from the town of Rehan, Himachal Pradesh. He predominantly works in Bollywood films and Himachali folk songs. Sharma had begun his career while recording a Himachali Folk album in late 1996. Since then Anuj has recorded more than 40 albums of Himachali folk songs for a number of recording companies. He was among the final three in Indian Idol, India’s version of Pop Idol. Since Indian Idol, he has delivered a variety of critically acclaimed live performances in India and abroad. He had also received awards from a number of organizations.

Being from small town, it’s not easy for me to make a mark in the Music Industry. Has it not your unconditional love I would not have achieved anything. So here I am presenting my channel wherein I have pin down my original compositions, Covered Songs. Himachali Folk Songs, Bollywood romantic songs, Sad songs, and Gazals.

Here is Anuj Sharma in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

I was fond of singing since my childhood but I literally got attached to music when I was persuing my graduation from my college and then my musical journey began with learning classical music and placing first in inter-college competitions. My family has been very supportive especially my brother who has been very supportive both financially and psychologically.

2) Which was your first song?

Raat payi ghume de Nale was my first song way back in early 2000s.

3) Which has been your most memorable live performance?

There are many live shows which are very close to my heart but there are some most memorable shows, one when we performed from Indian idol in an open show in Lucknow and the other when I performed on the live stage at Filmfare awards. These were the 2 most joyful days of my life.

4) Why did you choose Indian Idol among all singing shows?

I chose Indian idol because Indian idol was the biggest platform for singers at that time and that was a platform which I needed. Being in the top 3 finalists in Indian idol was amazing as I was a well-recognised figure in my state and performed shows across the country. This all transformed from that Indian idol platform.

5) Who has been your inspiration?

My inspiration is my mentor Mr. Balwant Thakur ji, who stood by my side, motivated me, and showed the right direction.

6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

After 5 years I see myself as the same enthusiastic singer as I have been so far. I don’t want to stop, I will maintain the same spark in my voice and try to bring new and better stuff in front of people.

7) Tell us about your upcoming projects?

My latest track:

8) Which is your most preferred genre?

My most preferred style is singing Bollywood and Himachali songs.

9) What you prefer the most live performance or recording?

Frankly speaking, I prefer live performance more than recording because in recording you have options to record another time if not recorded properly and improve your mistakes through technology. but in live performance. you have to present the best version of yourself. You have to take care of your audience, your energy, your voice because that’s where your real singer is displayed in front of your listeners.

10) How was life in quarantine?

I spent my quarantine with my family at my hometown Rehan, Kangra and was busy making new music with my music director “Swar Mystry”.Quarantine was fun as we had plenty of time for family, for making more innovative and different touch to our music.



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