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When passion meets profession, a master act is born. Music and rhythm seeped deep into the soul of a young Delhi boy from an adolescent age – Skopos was born. The journey since then has been of rigorous training and honing of skills. Along the path, the art of music production has been continuously mastered upon and Skopos started composing his own music with the sole purpose of collaborating with versatile artists to create stirring and eloquent pieces of deft art.

Since 2017, Skopos has been collaborating with fellow composers and singers to create soothing melodies and numbers that connect to one’s soul. Be it the calm of the dawn or the vibrancy of a happening evening, Skopos has been able to capture the versatile moods in his music. He aims to mesmerize his audience by panning various genres of music.

Here is Skopos in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

Long time back when I was still in school. Had the knack for listening to new music and creating playlists which led me to do a DJING course in 9th Class from one of the first DJs of India – Dj Jazzy Joe. Finally then decided to pursue it as a profession post-college in 2017 where I learned music production from Lost stories Academy.

2) Tell us more about your collaboration with different composers and singers.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, to be honest. Sometimes the collaboration was great, the vibe matched and you just blended in. But there were times where things didn’t work out, but I guess that’s part of the hustle. πŸ™‚

3) Which has been your first track?

It was a DNB track on SoundCloud, where I was experimenting and learning how to make music. Surely not my best work, but for beginners, I’d say I finished a track, so that was an achievement then.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

There have been a lot of them. Back in school, I was inspired by classic rock & jazz, those are my roots tbh. From Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain, Guns n Roses, Metallica, Pearl Jam & Green day. From the 60’s music to the 00’s music, I’ve practically scanned through all of it!!
Coming to Indian music, there’s no one better to look up to than A.R Rahman sir and great artists like Karsh Kale, Shankar Ehsaan Loy.
There’s electronic music inspiration too where I heard Armin van Buuren for the first time and I was totally mesmerized!
One of the biggest inspirations now for me is Diplo & Skrillex in the electronic scene due to their versatility. 

Then comes Hip hop. Ah, where do I start? Tupac, Biggie, Em, Jay-Z, Kendrick, J Cole, and of course TIMBALAND. Just a few artists that keep me inspired to the core. I can write a whole thesis on my inspirations. Haha. In a nutshell, I’ve got classical rock & Jazz roots with a knack for experimenting & making fusion music.

5) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

As a Dj? Gradually towards my aim of playing at Tomorrowland. 
Musically? There’s a lot of scope in that, you can never know too much about music. After all, at the end of the day, the whole thing is about making good music. I live for the motto – If you can not vibe to your music, no one ever will – Timbaland!

6) Which has been your most memorable project or song?

The whole journey till now has been memorable and I plan to make more memories while creating good music with my team. πŸ™‚

7) Tell us about your latest track.

It’s my Debut EP – Magic & Pasta. 

A joyful explosion of lo-fi, jazz, and hip hop, the EP titled
Magic & Pasta stands strong on its promise of creating a serene aura, distant from the gloominess that surrounds us as we battle the worst phase of the pandemic! Symbolic of all things happy, the name – Magic & Pasta aptly serves our purpose of sending out positivity and good vibes in this difficult time. Just like magic and pasta, we hope our music brings a smile to your face when you hear it. Through the musical spectrum in this EP, we hope to refuel your energy, give you solace, the courage to battle it out and come out stronger.
Musically, It’s a fusion EP with a tangy recipe that comprises calming and some intensely powerful elements.

8) Share some of your achievements with the magazine.

As a DJ, I’ve played at a festival that had around 10k+ people. Opened for the likes of Jay Sean, Lost stories. As a musician, I’ve been featured on Rolling stones India, Times of India, Radio One, 9XO, Red Fm Indies, What’s the scene. Have 100k+ streams on one of my initial projects – Reckless, so that was a great achievement for me too. 

9) How was life in quarantine?

Being in the glorious 20s where it’s a make-or-break situation, it’s only natural to get caught up in the hustle of survival,  trying to follow your passion and making sense of everything around me. So especially when you try to make your passion your profession and choose the road-less-taken, distant from the mainstream career paths and acceptable societal norms, you find yourself firefighting to make a living out of it.
Having released my first ever music video in March 2020, it should have felt special but that coincided with me losing my financial stability (yet again) due to the pandemic/lockdown. The emotional rollercoaster had begun again, It felt like I was back to square one!

Getting back together with my loved ones & reuniting with my parents after a 2-year gap was the only shining light. That did give me some motivation to buckle up, embrace the situation at hand and move ahead. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Personally, It was a much-needed push for me to distract myself from the current scenario and do something about it. The lockdown gave me ample time to work on myself as a human being & as a professional by upskilling to make up for the lost time!


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