GoodMostlyBad is Gurmehar Bedi’s alias as a DJ, producer and radio host. Born in Chandigarh and raised in Pune, Gurmehar dropped out of engineering school and moved to Doha to share her fearsome sound constructions with the world, quickly finding fans around the globe. A self-taught musician, GoodMostlyBad productions are a realm of intimate thoughts, discoveries and experiences of a woman navigating through life on her own terms.

As a selector she provides bass-heavy, dance floor stomping sounds from an array of genres like Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Dancehall & Grime. Her sets are inspired by human emotions, taking you through a journey of energy and excitement. Her Guest DJ mixes for ISO Radio, KRUNK, BBC radio and Orbs Cure Labs display her knowledge of music across the board of genres.

She recently completed a one-year residency on – an independent online radio station. Her talk show is called ‘The Good Mostly Bad Show‘, on which she interviews artists from all creative backgrounds. She is also part of the Noods Radio, Bristol family with a guest show called ‘Just Bad‘, that showcases music from upcoming musicians from around the globe. During this lockdown, she programmed Gurls Night Out, an IG Live series where she invited women from different creative and professional backgrounds to talk about gender, politics and sex.

She also dabbles in music writing and has written features for Red Bull Music, India. Her holistic approach towards music can also be seen in her bi-monthly playlist curations for, an online playlist platform that aims to promote independent artists and selectors. She recently curated a line-up at their COMMON virtual music festival aimed at providing support to the music community during this pandemic.

She has played at select properties across India and throws all-female parties in Doha intended to create safe spaces for women/female-identifying persons to express themselves freely.  

Here is Gurmehar Bedi in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

Music has influenced my life as long as I can remember. But professionally, I got into the music industry about 5 years ago. 

2) Which was your first track?

My first track was called ‘Reelin’. I actually deleted this track a few months back Cuz for the last year I was still experimenting with my sound and it’s only this year that I finally found my niche. 

3) Which has been your most memorable live performance?

I think my best performances have been all the all-female gigs I throw in Doha. Just to see women expressing themselves freely without a single concern is just beautiful. 

4) How do you manage investment for your music productions?

I usually do part-time jobs – teaching mostly. But as of now I’m also studying to be an environmentalist and investing the rest of my time in music. 

5) Who has been your inspiration?

I think women in my life are my inspiration. Also the women I look up to. My music is fiercely female. Always. 

6) What is the creative process like behind your work?

I think all my music has a lot to do with my emotions and experiences. I make music to release and share those feelings through my art. 

7) Tell us about your latest EP. What was the inspiration behind it?

Baby is a 5 track EP. a dive into the sacred path of self-discovery, self-love, healing and growth that I’ve been on for the last year, slowly shedding my fears and insecurities and yes, getting over the worst heartbreak and betrayal I’ve experienced yet. It will take you on a journey of the most intimate emotions I’ve felt over this time, from deep-seated hurt and anger to the absolute emancipation of my heart and soul. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to help you find yourself. This EP is the result of 8 months of hard work, learning and a lot of unlearning. Primarily made during the lockdown, I’ve had the best team of artists who have collaborated with me to get my vision to fruition.

8) Which is your most preferred genre?

Hip hop for life. But also love afrobeats. 

9) How was life in quarantine?

It’s been tumultuous. There have been very productive days. And some terribly unproductive ones. But I think what I’ve learnt through it, the most important one was not being so hard on myself. I’m very self-critical and I think that it’s been a great learning to be able to take it easy and enjoy moments of laziness. 



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