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Winter is coming, so is the time to fill your wardrobe with cosy, comfortable and stylish clothes. The best part about winters is that we can layer-up and experiment with different fabrics. Here are some essentials you must have in your closet to get your winter fashion game on point.

1) Overcoats and Blazers: For most effortless and fashion-forward looks, blazer is the best choice. Overcoats and blazers can be paired with skirts, biker shorts, skin-fit jeans, vinyl-pants and almost everything. They have the power to make your outfit go from regular to the statement.

2) Thigh-High Boots: Not only they keep you protected from the cold weather, but they also make your outfit look sumptuous. They can be found in leather, suede, velvet. You can choose accordingly, which suits your outfit the best.

3) Turtle-neck Sweaters: Turtleneck keeps your neck snug, all day long. Pairing it either with long slit skirts or any high waist pants can glam up your look instantly. Investing in a good turtleneck sweater is an easy way to make your ensemble chic.

4) Leather Jacket: This is something that can never go out of trend. Every year there are new styles in leather jacket. They can turn boring attires into edgy and cool ones.

5) Ankle Boots: Whether heels or flats, ankle boots are a must-to-have item. Due to their versatility, they can be styled with almost anything. They are comfortable and can make any outfit smart and fashionable.

6) Mufflers: Let’s all accept for once that mufflers are one of the most appealing and functional accessories. Not only they keep us warm, but they also make the outfit elegant. Mix and match with different outfits and it can do wonders.

7) Beret Hats: These can make your garb look lush if dressed carefully. This can be nifty possession as they can be worn in fall, winter and also spring seasons.

8) Faux-Fur Jackets: Faux fur jackets can make your outfit look luxurious and classy. This is the cosiest and most classy piece of garment.

9) Leather Gloves: Gloves can add extra character to any outfit. As pandemic going on, gloves can be smart purchase as they can make your look upmarket and can keep you safe from infection as well as cold.

10) Hand-Knit Sweater: Hand knit sweater are very trendy and add depth to the outfit. You can run errands or glam them up with a pair of heels. Winter fashion is not complete without them.

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